Monday, December 7, 2015

Is it really coming to an end?

Well, looks like my time has rolled around... and I cannot believe how fast! I am coming home and I am full of a lot of different emotions. I am excited to see you all but at the same time I am so sad to leave the people here, the people that I have come to love and most of all I am sad that here in a couple of days I will no longer be a missionary... NO PUEDE SER!

Guatemala Women
On Saturday morning we went and provided service for this old man, working in his field. And man it made me realize how strong and how much the people here work for just a tiny income. I mean, they do some real manual labor, made me realize that the yard work my dad used to ask us to do really wasnt all that difficult at all jajaja. 

But we were like digging and helping him finish up his harvest from his corn, but dang! It was some hard work jajaja

Final Interview
I had my final interview on Tuesday with Pte. Smith and it was really good. He told me a lot of things that I really needed to hear and things to help me continue to grow closer to my Heavenly Father.

In particular he told me that I need to continue to;
1. Keep the Sabbath day Holy
2. Read the scriptures daily
3. Make sure that my prayers do not become routine.

He told me something that I really liked sa well, that we are never at a stand still in our faith. We are always either moving forward or backward, but we never stay in the same place. And he promised me that if I continues to diligently do these 3 things that I will continue to progress.

He also told me that the Lord was pleased with the work and the sacrifice that I have given him these last 18 months, that I have been successful and that I have had a great influence on the lives of many. And that was really special to me, something that I really needed to hear. 

Reunion with E. Ochoa
This Friday we also had a meeting with E. Ochoa of the 70 who is also in the area presidency here, and it was an AMAZING reunion. I have never felt the spirit so strongly and I received so many witnesses and testimonies that he was and is a servant of the Lord. There are so many details and to much to tell you all over email, so sometime you will have to remind me to tell you guys all about what happened.

But I just realized how blessed we are to have church leaders who are entitled to receive revelation for us and who do! I know that the prophet, apostles and all other general authorities are men called of God! And that is such a great blessing!

Well, I am really just such a mix of emotions right now. I cannot even express how I am feeling. On Sunday I was just sitting down thinking, and at that precise moment a song that we were listenting to from EFY about coming home came on, and I just thought to myself, well this just kind of sucks jajaja

I always thought that when my time came to go home that I would be happy, but I am honestly really sad! I have come to have such a deep love for the people here and I am so sad to say goodbye to them and to Guatemala in general. But at the same time I am at peace, knowing that I did what I was supposed to do here, and that now is my time to leave, my time to start the next phase in my life, as sad as this may be. But I am prepared. I have loved being a missionary and I am so glad for this time that the Lord has given me to be an instrument in his hands, a representative of HIs Son Jesus Christ, What an amazing privilege it has been these past 18 months to do exactly that! I have learnt so many things and have grown in so many ways. I am eternally grateful and will never forget my time on the mission!

I want to thank all of you for your testimonies, support and love. I could never have done this without you guys!

Les quiero mucho! Y nos vemos jueves!

Hermana Loo
With Hna. Aguilar and Hna Manu at the conference with E. Ochoa! 
The Thanksgiving dinner that we had at Pte. Smith´s house with the AP´s and secretaries 
Washing clothes in a pila, I had to do it at least one more time! jajaja 

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