Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Loved getting to talk to you guys! Was not a lot of time but nevertheless so great to hear and see you guys! Hope that you all had a great Christmas and that you will have a great new year!
We went caroling.... yet again. I felt like i was going to lose my voice! But we went as a zone and caroled in Totonicapan in a big park that they have there. We sang and played Christmas church videos. And after singing a couple of songs we played the movie Joy to the World and while the movies was playing all the missionaries went and contacted all the people in the park! So there was a ton of missionaries out contacting and we all contacted like 20 people each! It was a ton of fun and litterally everyone in that park had pamphlets of the restoration and He is the Gift pass along cards!
We also went and caroled in the area of the elders in the branch who live about 20 minutes away. We sang so much but it was a ton of fun to sing Christmas hymns and bring the spirit of Christmas to the people we were able to find!
Doorbell ditching? or Contacting?
So there is a member here who is 18 years old, and we have never left with her before to go out. But she was with us so we invited her to come and to knock doors with us to try and find a family that we had contacted earlier in the week. Anyways, she gladly accepted and so we left to go out!

No sooner did we leave the house and litterally the first door she sees with a doorbell, she walks up to rings the doorbell and then proceeds to walk fastly away... oh dear!
But the funniest part was that the lady whose doorbell she rang was behind us and yells ¨i saw you!

It was really funny! But at the same time i was thinking oh what is this poor lady going to think about the members of the church now... hahaha 
Antonio y Aaron
So Antonio and Aaron are new investigators that we actually found while singing! While we were out i had a feeling that we should knock on their door, but we were looking for someone else. Luckily they came and answered the door and invited us in to sing and share a small message with them!

After we left they told their mom that they no longer want to attend the church that they have been attending but that they want to come with us! What! Yes! Finally! 
Mi Familia
I so loved getting to talk and see you guys, even if it was for only a minute (grandma and grandpa ho-ching). I am so grateful for each and everyone of you! For the great role that you have all played in my life. I have really come to appreciate and love each of you so much!

Hna. Raquel even said this week that she wished that she could trade lives with me, and when I asked her why she said ¨because your family is so awesome!¨ And isnt that true! Tell me something i dont know :) Hna. Raquels mom (marleen) also told her that she is sad that i am not a member of their family hahaha

But i just want to express my gratitude for all of you! For the great role you have played in my life! For your examples! You all mean the world to me and i love you so much!

Have a great new year!

Hermana Loo

Caroling in the park with my zone

Christmas Eve! A million and a half patches! With Hna. Raquel and her family! 

And ashley in her outfit that mom sent her!
She loves it so much and does not want to take it off jajaja 

Lil Tupu´s Birthday! As you can see she is also wearing the outfit mom sent jajajaja 

Guatemala is gorgeous

pday today! Hiking to a waterfall! It was so pretty!
Although it was so hot!
I dont know why but we always seem to walk more on pdays then i do during the week jajaja.
but dont worry i still dont like to hike or walk jajaja

Catholic party in the street.
This is what i was talking about when i said that the men dress up like woman,
put on masks and dance in the street jajajaja to weird....