Monday, December 15, 2014

¡Donde Estan!

Creepy Old Men
As always, i have stories about creepy old men jajajaja seriously! WHY!?

Anyway this week Hermana Canales and I Had this creepy middle aged man begin to follow us and ask us questions about where we were going. It was both funny and just creepy. Also had a creepy old man tell me that i was "precious"... uhh thanks jajaja and finally i had another old man shake my hand, but then he wouldnt let go! Litterally had to yank my hand out of his! puchica!

So in our zone meeting this week we played mafia. And if you remember or know what this game is everyone is in a circle, and there are assasins, detectives, and an angel. And everyone has there eyes closed while the assassins choose who they are going to kill. 

One of our zone leaders is narrating or directing the game. And everytime someone dies he comes up with a creative story as to how. 

There is one black elder in our zone, and as my zone leader begins to tell the story of how this elder dies after trying to come up with a story he just ends up saying, "the murderer was a racist and well... elder you died! It was seriously so funny and everyone was just like what! Did he really just say that!

So as a zone and district we are really focusing on finding those who are ready and prepared to receive this gospel! To find the "chosen". Right now we have a lot of people who are fine with us coming to visit them and will listen when we do, but really dont have a desire to change. SO we are really trying to focus on finding those who are prepared, and waiting for the message of this gospelª

And let me tell you! It is not easy! But i have faith! We have been doing a ton of contacting and really trying to find these people! Like on Sunday i think that we contacted like 30 someting people on the street! It was crazy!

Familia Sapon
On Tuesday we had a FHE with the familia Sapon. And they planned everything out, the agenda, lesson.. everything!

It was so awesome and the Spirit was so strong! Hermana Guisela even talked about how grateful she is for the gospel in her childrens lives and that if they can be happy in this gospel then she can too! She is seriously so much better prepared and so close to being baptized! I know that she has a testimony of this gospel and in her heart knows it to be true! She has so many friends in the church and is even beginning to participate in the lessons during Relief Society!

Also another awesome thing that happened this week with them, or specifically with Adonai. Is that he was talking about his mission and how in a year he will be preparing his papers! What! YES!!!

So excited for this Christmas season! For the opportunity to celebrate His birth! If you havent gotten the chance watch the "He is the Gift" video. I hope that this Christmas season we can all remember Christ, our Savior and Redeemer and the real reason that we celebrate!

Love you all!

Hermana Loo

You know just your random pig on the side of the road jajajaja
My Christmas Tree! Not the real thing but close!
Mi cumpleaños! Gracias! A Hermana Raquel!


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