Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Espero que tenga una feliz navidad! Pero siempre recordar que celebramos navidad para celebrar el nacimiento de Jesucristo!

Voy a casarme?
So Hermana Raquel´s brother, who is the same age as me, recently broke up with his girlfriend. And hna. Raquel was asking him if he was sad. TO which he replied, ¨no.. because i am going to marry Hermana loo¨

jajajaja oh dear... yeah sorry buddy not going to happen!

Branch Christmas Party
This week we also had our branch Christmas party! And like all partys here there was food and piñatas! And there were three piñatas. One for kids, one for the youth, and one for adults.

But it was so funny to see people of all different ages, even old ladys, diving on the ground and crawling on the ground for candy! jajaja

The activity was great as there were more investigators and less actives then members!

Elder Duncan
This week we also had a multizona with conference with half of the mission with Elder Duncan. Who is a member of the 70 and the area president!

He basically started out his entire talk of lecture saying that all of us are not living up to our potential.... wait... is this my dad talking or Elder Duncan? jajaja

He kind of matcheted us all but it was good and i learned a ton. It was seriously pure revelation and there is so much more that i can be doing. It really just gave me the motivation to work harder! And i am ready and willing to do so!

LZ, Juanito, Guisela
So this week we also had a lesson with our zone leaders, Juanito our mission leader and hna Guisela. To try and figure out exactly what it is that we can do to help her out! 

The spirit was so strong during the lesson and hna Guisela just came out and said that she wants to be here in the church and be a member with her kids so that one day they can be an eternal family!

But to do so she has to talk with her pastor, to leave her church calling and the church behind. Obviously this is quite the task and a bit scary, so we are working and praying with her to have the courage to do so and the faith in God that He will help her and put the words into her mouth that she needs! 

So please keep her in your prayers and pray for her to have the courage she needs! We have a baptismal goal for her to be baptized on 27th. SO we are really praying and fasting that the courage she needs will come! and i know it will!

Plam- Testigo... Cantan Santos Angeles
All the missionaries in my branch and members went out and caroled on sunday night to all of our less actives, recent converts, and investigators.

It was actually so great as we had the help of a lot of members! we gifted copies of the Book of Mormon and contacted a ton of people and found a ton of potential investigators.

funny story. At 8pm the elders apparently had an appointment with a refrence from members, in the members home. But the elders forgot and were about half an hour away walking, because they were also singing and handing out copies of the Book of Mormon.

So this member called really really angry because the refrence lives an hour away and the walk is apparently really dangerous... so she calls us super angry. So the 10 of us who were singing had to run to her house. Like literally sprint down the road. and I am sure that everyone passing by were just thinking how crazy these mormons are! 

jajaja it was a ton of fun though!

I dont have a lot of time today to write as we have a big activity with my zone. But i just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I love you guys so much and am so grateful for all your love and support! You are all always in my thoughts and prayers!

Hermana Loo
Hermana Canales y yo!

Branch Christmas party 

Some sort of Catholic thing in the middle of the street...really have no idea 
Zone Christmas party

Christmas caroling and contacting

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