Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!

What?! How is it already December! Where did November go! TIme really does just fly so fast! But i am really excited for Christmas and to be able to talk to you all!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be out here on my mission! For the opportunity to serve and be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. To be able to preach the gospel and share my testimony. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life. For the plan of salvation and for the opportunity to be able to return to live in the presence of the Lord together as a family! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you, for your testimonies, love and support as i have been out here! You are all such great examples to me and i couldnt be more thankful to have you guys as a part of my life!

Sooo... cold!
Okay seriously, i know that it is cold in the states too but i am seriously dying over here. And the weather is so weird.. in the afternoon it is hot and then at night the wind picks up and it is so cold! 

Didnt think that i was in Utah.. jajaja no it´s not that bad and i guess that i should be more thankful that i am not in the snow!

Contacting members?
So for the first time ever on my mission we went and knocked on doors! Must say that i was quite nervous as I really didnt have the slightest idea what to do or say, but putting my trust and faith in the Lord we knocked on our first door...

and who answers the door... well a member jajaja. apparently we knocked on the door of a house that belongs to a member but they are preparing to rent the house out, it is their old house which is why i didnt know that it was the house of members.. jajaja but seriously! Well at least they know that we are working right? 

Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite day of the year! So much food and just relaxing! What more could you ask for!

This thanksgiving i was just glad that i got to eat real food! 

Hermana Canales and I had a reunion with President Smith. It was a meeting for all of the new missionaries who completed 6 weeks in the field and their trainers. And afterwards they suprised us all with Thanksgiving lunch. Wasnt really anything like home but hey it was food and i will take it!

Missionary Work
I had to give a talk in sacrment meeting on Sunday. I was really nervous but not about talking but about my spanish. The topic was missionary work and i just really wanted the member to be able to feel the spirit and the importance of sharing the gospel, as every member is a missioanry.

But the topic was easy, well because it was missionary work, something that i have been living and breathing for (almost) 6 months!

It was also the first talk that i gave without having everything completely written out and just bullet points. But i think that it went really well and like i said before can only hope that the member were able to feel the spirit and have a desire to share the gospel as well.

From what i can tell it sounds like each of you are having your own missionary experiences and opportunities to share the gospel! Which is amazing! And you are all amazing for having the desire to share the gosepl as well!

I am so thankful for each of you and for your testimonies! 

I love being a missionary and am so blessed to be here in Guatemala!

Love you all so much and hope that you have a great week!

Hermana Loo
My Thanksgiving lunch :) 

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