Monday, May 25, 2015

You never know how much good you do!

Slow week?
This week seemed to be a little slower and harder and a little more uneventful. Thursday and the rest of the days following we couldnt seem to find anyone home! For example, Friday every appointment that we had fell through! And I mean every single one. And all of our backup plans were a bust too! I dont know where everyone went! 

Sunday, Sacrament meeting started at 9:30 when it was actually supposed to start at 9... only in Guatemala. Hora chapina! There was a huge politcial parade that blocked the main street so there were no cars or tuc tucs passing by. And everyone is usually late to church and with this parade at 9 o´clock only the elders, the branch president, and my companion and I were in the chapel jajajaa puchica!

And of course, the rain! It is officially the rainy season! Which means that I have to start getting used to being wet all the times, and wearing my boots. Which confuses the people here even more because know they definately think that we are Jehonva´s witnesses jajajaja once again, Puchica

Although a lot of our appointments fell through this week we did contact a ton of people on the street, for example Elena Pixcar. 

She is someone whose door we had knocked on before and whose daughter told us that she was busy. When we went to go and knock on it the second time the daughter told us again that her mom was busy. So we started walking away, only to get like 10 steps and have the daughter come running out the door telling us to come back, that the mom, Elena, wanted to talk to us.

Apparently, Elena felt a little bad that she had rejected us twice and decided to listen to us and let us in! It was such a cool experience, to see the spirit working in this lady and I am excited to start teaching her!

Bebida con mosca?
Well, here in Chichi we never really have members feed us, so whenever we do it is such a blessing for the both of us! On Saturday we had lunch with a less active member, whose house is always just full of flies! i mean there are just so many everywhere, however, this is something that has become normal for me so I really didnt think all that much about it!

At the end of the meal, my companion went to pour out the drink into our glasses and you know what happened! As my glass was almost full out pops and dead fly from the pitcher and there it goes into my drink! mmmm que rico! I wanted to throw up! There was no way that I was about to drink that so I was just thinking and watching this member and trying to think of a way to get rid of it.

I ended up pouring it into my empty bowl of food and then going immediately to the sink to go and wash the dishes! It was quite the success and I am just glad that I didnt have to drink it! Because that would have been just gross!

Well, like I said this week seemed pretty uneventful! And it was a little slow! But I am excited to see what this next week will hold in store. And to get the work here moving in ChiChi little by little! Thank you for all your prayers, love and support! YOu all mean the world to me and I miss you so much!

Have a great week!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

Contacting these little girls this week who were so cute and just wanted to sit and talk to us.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lots of Experiences

So this week was a really interesting week, for me at least I felt that we had a lot of ups and downs, some good days and some not so great days. But this is missionary life!

Hermana Loo!
Okay, to start off I always have a ton of random teenage boys yell my name, "Hermana Loo!" and they are people that I dont know or have a single clue as to who they are! jajajaja and it is always at night when we are walking back to our house, and they pass by in cars or on the other side of the street jajajaja I have no idea who they are or how they know my name! to weird...

Contacting.. gotta love it!
Okay, so this week we also had some interesting contacting experiences

first, a lot of the times when we are contacting people we of course ask them there names, and it never fails that we always have a ton of people take a really long pause after we ask them this question, as they try to come up with a name jajajaja and it never fails that they always tell us that there name is Juana, Tomasa or Maria jajajaja oh really? How original jajajaja

second, this week while we were contacting we asked someone for there name as well and she replied and said "no hay nombre" or there isnt a name, I dont have a name jajajaja okay... it was just to funny!

And lastly, while contacting a reference of a member we walk into the store of this reference, and the guy who is there working is just sitting down, watching TV and we can clearly see this, so we ask him if he has time for us to share a short a message with him, three minutes or less. And you know what he tells us!? That he is busy jajajaja and when we asked him what he was doing, he couldnt think of a lie and so he just said "no se" jajajaja or I dont know! oh man, it was all I could do to just not start busting up laughing jajajaja some people....

Tomas Giron
So on Wednesday we had a lesson with Tomas, and it was kind of a do or die lesson, where we were going to try and see what his intentions were and if he really had the desire to know the truth and be baptized.

What was sad is that he told us that he was not ready to be baptized and would not be ready this month, nor the next, nor this year! So of course we told him what our purpose as missionaries was and we were really blunt with him, and he totally understood, but we will no longer be visiting him...

It was really sad for me, and this is one of the things I really have not gotten used to or like about the mission, when we have to drop investigators. But it was the right thing to do so that we can find more prepared people. It was just sad for me and quite honestly I was a little heart broken! The truth was and is right in front of him, his salvation, but he is not ready to accept it! WHY!? This is definately one of the harder things about the mission. My companion and I were so bummed! He has no idea what he is mission out on! How many blessings this gospel can bring into his life! But he has his agency, I just hope and am praying that one day he will be prepared to accept what he knows to be true!

Power of Prayer
Okay, at first I was a little hesitant to share this with you guys, just because I was thinking about my mom and how she might freak out a little bit about it. But then I thought, what the heck! The experience and what I learned was 100 times more valuable jajaja

So... Saturday night my companion and I return home at the end of the day and we go and start planning for Sunday, and after we finish I go into the room where all of our clothes are and I find the window pushed in and on the ground, like someone had broken in! 

Of course, i call my companion and we both just start freaking out a little. Really freaked out that someone had been on our house or was still there! So we can a check all of the rooms, well the two rooms that we have jajajaja and then check to see if we still have all of our money, and everything is where it belongs, nothing gone, no one in our house.

So, we then go and talk with dueƱo of the house, who tells us that this has happened before to the house beneath ours and as we are talking with him we all remember the bird that is always pecking at our window and running into it. And then we also realize that the window is only held in place by little dots of glue, not sufficient at all and only in the corners. So my companion and I calm down a little bit but still a little scared out of our minds! And really, all I wanted was my dad jajaja

So I was a little nervous about how I was going to be able to go to sleep! But I prayed for comfort and that I would be able to sleep and get the rest that I needed adn I was able to sleep through the night without thinking about all that had happened. It was truly a blessing and a testimony builder to me! To know that God really does listen to our prayers and that He answers them! I am reminded of a scripture in Alma 17:10 that says,

And it came to pass that the Lord did visit them withhis Spirit, and said unto them: Be comforted. And theywere comforted.

The Lord listens to our prayers and answers them! Remember that He always knows what we stand in need of, but we have to be the ones to exercise our faith in Him and ask for help!

.... however, today as we were getting ready to go and do a pday activity I went to go put on my converse and you know what... they were gone! Someone had taken them! so... maybe someone was actually in our house... ahhhhh!!

p.s I am sorry if my English is horrible, my dad tells me that it is jajajaja 

Les quiero mucho!  

Hermana Loo

p.s. my camera is not connecting to this computer so I cant send you guys any pics... next week though for sure!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Humans!

I hope that everyone had a Happy Mother´s day! I know that mine was great being able to talk with my family! And I wish that I had the time to talk to each and everyone of you! But nevertheless I hope that everyone had a great day!

So my week I felt was a little uneventful, we had a lot of activities going on in the church and then I also got sick, which put a bit of a kink into the work this week...

Hna. Mercedes

So this Hermana was one of the pioneers of the branch here in Chichi and is just awesome! She is always willing to go out and visit and contact people with us. And is always willing to give! No matter how little she may have!

While we were out on visits with her this week we stopped by the market real quick to buy some rain boots for my companion. The guy who we are buying them from asks hna Mercedes if we are her kids jajajaja and she replies that we are jajaja and he totally believed here! It was to funny! Like the height difference between the three of us is drastic. Hermana Mercedes thought that it was particularly funny that someone would think that a gringa could be her daughter jajajaa. Although, I guess I really don't look like I am from the states at all!

Mother´s day activity
Saturday night we had the mother´s day activity in the branch, and we were in charge of the decorations. But it was a lot of fun! Although made me miss my own mom and made me so much more excited for the call that I had the following day! 

But there was a lot of food, games and dancing of course! Latino´s love to dance let me tell you jajajaja

Eduardo Alejandro
Okay, I don't really remember if I told you guys about Eduardo who is our investigator before, but he is someone that we found about 3 weeks ago. And has such a strong desire and really has true intentions to know the truth. He ALWAYS follows through with the commitments we leave with him and always reads more then what we assign him to read in the Book of Mormon! He is seriously progressing so fast and rapidly! 

He came to church yesterday and felt the spirit so strongly, in fact, during Sunday School after we had watched a video of one of the talks that a 70 had given he started crying because he felt the spirit so strongly! The Lord really is preparing him and touching his heart!

We challenged him to be baptized on the 30th of May and he accepted abd every lesson we have with him he always mentions his date and how he has 30 or 25 or 24 more days to receive and answer! I truly believe and know that he is one of the Lord´s chosen and prepared! But please pray for him! That he can receive and recognize his answer and that he will have the courage to act upon the answer that he receives!

I am so very thankful for the time that I have to be a missionary! For all that I have learnt and for the support that each one of you has given me! I am so thankful for the strong support system that I have behind me and for the family that I have!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

Decorating for the Mother´s day activity 

Lunch with the familia De Leon! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Is it really already May???

Well, first of all, Happy Mother´s day to all of the Mom´s! You guys are seriously the best and have such a strong influence on all that surround you!

Welcome Rain!
Okay, well May here means the beginning of the rainy season! Lucky me! And this week was no exception! The rain came.. and hard! Needless to say, that this week I was wet almost all of the time. The streets here are not designed very well so all of the rain just floods together in a pool of water and makes it impossible to walk anywhere!

In the morning of course, during our studies it is always nice out and doesn't look like it is going to rain. But of course, as soon as we are ready to leave and step out of the apartment it started to pour! Welcome to the mission! This is the first rainy season for my companion so she is experiencing all kinds of new things jajaja

On Friday and Saturday we had divisions with the Hermana leaders and I got to go to Toto, my old zone! But i forgot how cold it gets in Toto! I was dying! Although it was a blessing because it never rained! 

At night an animal entered into the house and was rummaging through the trash that was outside and then Saturday morning we had to go to the hospital to visit a member from San Cris who was sick. But seriously, hospitals just freak me out so much! 

But divisions were good and i was able to learn so much from them!

A question for you all ... How can I have or obtain more love for God?

This is a question we had someone ask us during one of our lessons this week and at first my companion and I were trying to explain to him how, but he just didn't seem to be understanding or getting it. And then all at once the thought about the Atonement came to my head! And I shared with him that the more he learns about the Atonement and comes to understand it the more love he will feel for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

Which got me thinking even more about the Atonement, and if I really understand it. What was even better was that immediately after this lesson, I had my personal study and what did I study.. of course the Atonement! And as I was studying I was able to feel the spirit so strongly and the love that my Savior has for me! 

I know that although we will never be able to fully comprehend how the Savior did what He did or how He felt we can learn and understand better why He did what He did. And as we learn and study the Atonement the love and appreciation that we will feel for the Savior will increase, and we will have a greater resolve to do what is right and to share the gospel with all those around us!

I am so thankful for my Savior and the sacrifice that He made for me! It truly is a wonderful gift that He has given us, a gift that He was willing to give because of the immense love He feels for each and everyone of us!

I love you all so much! Thank you for being such an integral part in my life and for your constant love, support, and prayers!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo
its raining, its pouring!