Monday, May 4, 2015

Is it really already May???

Well, first of all, Happy Mother´s day to all of the Mom´s! You guys are seriously the best and have such a strong influence on all that surround you!

Welcome Rain!
Okay, well May here means the beginning of the rainy season! Lucky me! And this week was no exception! The rain came.. and hard! Needless to say, that this week I was wet almost all of the time. The streets here are not designed very well so all of the rain just floods together in a pool of water and makes it impossible to walk anywhere!

In the morning of course, during our studies it is always nice out and doesn't look like it is going to rain. But of course, as soon as we are ready to leave and step out of the apartment it started to pour! Welcome to the mission! This is the first rainy season for my companion so she is experiencing all kinds of new things jajaja

On Friday and Saturday we had divisions with the Hermana leaders and I got to go to Toto, my old zone! But i forgot how cold it gets in Toto! I was dying! Although it was a blessing because it never rained! 

At night an animal entered into the house and was rummaging through the trash that was outside and then Saturday morning we had to go to the hospital to visit a member from San Cris who was sick. But seriously, hospitals just freak me out so much! 

But divisions were good and i was able to learn so much from them!

A question for you all ... How can I have or obtain more love for God?

This is a question we had someone ask us during one of our lessons this week and at first my companion and I were trying to explain to him how, but he just didn't seem to be understanding or getting it. And then all at once the thought about the Atonement came to my head! And I shared with him that the more he learns about the Atonement and comes to understand it the more love he will feel for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

Which got me thinking even more about the Atonement, and if I really understand it. What was even better was that immediately after this lesson, I had my personal study and what did I study.. of course the Atonement! And as I was studying I was able to feel the spirit so strongly and the love that my Savior has for me! 

I know that although we will never be able to fully comprehend how the Savior did what He did or how He felt we can learn and understand better why He did what He did. And as we learn and study the Atonement the love and appreciation that we will feel for the Savior will increase, and we will have a greater resolve to do what is right and to share the gospel with all those around us!

I am so thankful for my Savior and the sacrifice that He made for me! It truly is a wonderful gift that He has given us, a gift that He was willing to give because of the immense love He feels for each and everyone of us!

I love you all so much! Thank you for being such an integral part in my life and for your constant love, support, and prayers!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo
its raining, its pouring!

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