Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Humans!

I hope that everyone had a Happy Mother´s day! I know that mine was great being able to talk with my family! And I wish that I had the time to talk to each and everyone of you! But nevertheless I hope that everyone had a great day!

So my week I felt was a little uneventful, we had a lot of activities going on in the church and then I also got sick, which put a bit of a kink into the work this week...

Hna. Mercedes

So this Hermana was one of the pioneers of the branch here in Chichi and is just awesome! She is always willing to go out and visit and contact people with us. And is always willing to give! No matter how little she may have!

While we were out on visits with her this week we stopped by the market real quick to buy some rain boots for my companion. The guy who we are buying them from asks hna Mercedes if we are her kids jajajaja and she replies that we are jajaja and he totally believed here! It was to funny! Like the height difference between the three of us is drastic. Hermana Mercedes thought that it was particularly funny that someone would think that a gringa could be her daughter jajajaa. Although, I guess I really don't look like I am from the states at all!

Mother´s day activity
Saturday night we had the mother´s day activity in the branch, and we were in charge of the decorations. But it was a lot of fun! Although made me miss my own mom and made me so much more excited for the call that I had the following day! 

But there was a lot of food, games and dancing of course! Latino´s love to dance let me tell you jajajaja

Eduardo Alejandro
Okay, I don't really remember if I told you guys about Eduardo who is our investigator before, but he is someone that we found about 3 weeks ago. And has such a strong desire and really has true intentions to know the truth. He ALWAYS follows through with the commitments we leave with him and always reads more then what we assign him to read in the Book of Mormon! He is seriously progressing so fast and rapidly! 

He came to church yesterday and felt the spirit so strongly, in fact, during Sunday School after we had watched a video of one of the talks that a 70 had given he started crying because he felt the spirit so strongly! The Lord really is preparing him and touching his heart!

We challenged him to be baptized on the 30th of May and he accepted abd every lesson we have with him he always mentions his date and how he has 30 or 25 or 24 more days to receive and answer! I truly believe and know that he is one of the Lord´s chosen and prepared! But please pray for him! That he can receive and recognize his answer and that he will have the courage to act upon the answer that he receives!

I am so very thankful for the time that I have to be a missionary! For all that I have learnt and for the support that each one of you has given me! I am so thankful for the strong support system that I have behind me and for the family that I have!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

Decorating for the Mother´s day activity 

Lunch with the familia De Leon! 

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