Monday, April 27, 2015

We are progressing!

Okay, so random thought or experience. While walking with the elders this week to a dinner appointment they were asking us what it was like to walk in the street at night. No sooner did they ask this when a car passed by us making yelling at us and making kissing noises calling us "mi amor" and things like this. The elders just started laughing and thought it was so funny... we just had to tell them welcome to our lives. I am glad that they thought it was funny because for us it is just disgusting. anyway...

Grateful for service
Monday night we provided service for a less active family in the branch who are just starting to get reactivated. They were moving houses so we went to help them back up their stuff and move it to the other house. Which is really more of just a room with four walls and half of a roof... not much of a house at all.

But the sad thing was that this family of 8 could fit all of their belongings in the back of a small pick up. It made me realize just how blessed we are with everything that we have! Made me especially grateful for my dad and all of his hard work, everything he does to provide for our family.

We are so blessed to have what we have! The food we have, the clothes, the cleanliness! And the safety and security. I cant tell you how many times I have heard stories of the police being drunk in the street... we really have been given so much!

Mi SueƱo
So I had a dream this week about a less active member and her family who I have only met once. Her name is Adriana de Leon and she is inactive, although her parents and siblings are all very active in the church. 

Anyway, without knowing their family at all one night I had a dream where my companion and I were with her family in the church. I woke up the next morning thinking about her and her family and ran into her like 3 to 4 times on the street. Which is out of the ordinary.

So I told my companion about my dream and we went to visit and talk to her, more then anything to invite her to come back to church and bring her husband, who is a non member. As I was talking to her I felt the spirit so strongly guiding my words. However, after all was said and done she said that her and her husband are fine where they are. I was a little disappointed, especially because i could tell in her eyes that she wasn't truly happy. But i couldn't do anything about it, just invite her to come back and hope that one day she will realize what she is missing out on.

Jose David
Jose David is an old investigator that I taught with Hermana Rodas my first couple of weeks here. He works 7 hours away from here and only comes to ChiChi every 15 days. But he called us this week letting us know that he was in town, so we scheduled an appointment to go and visit him. We decided that although he has had all of the lessons, that we would talk about the Restoration with him again. and you know what! He told us flat out that he knows the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the church is true! It was so exciting to hear and the spirit could be felt so strongly!

Although, of course the challenge is that he is not here during the weekend. But yet another miracle that happened this week that helped us with the solution to this problem, is that a member in the branch has a friend who lives in the place that Jose David works who is a member! And so we are going to get in contact with him so that he can invite Jose David to church! The Lord always provides a way!!!

Last but not least, good ol tomas! I told you guys in my last letter that he has a smoking problem, but has the desire and intention to stop! He understands that he needs to do it and why it is important to do so!

We talked with him more about it this week and the elders came with us and gave him a blessing so that he would receive the strength that he needs to leave the cigarette behind. 

And on Sunday, even though he had told us that he wasn't going to be able to make it to church, he surprised us all and came! And without and cigarette´s in his pockets or the smell of smoke on his shirt! It was so exciting and just a testament to me of the power of the priesthood!

Please continue to pray for him that he will be able to stop and will continue to have the desire to be baptized!

Each week the work here in Chichi gets better and better, and as a result I get more and more exhausted jajajaja but the reward is always so worth the effort!

Thank you for you continued prayers and support!

Los quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

Okay, something that I realized is so normal to me now but will probably be so disgusting to you guys... these are the places where everyone buys there meat... there are always a ton of flies and the meat is just out in the open all day! mmmmm que rico! jajaja

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