Monday, April 20, 2015

Finding and Challenging!

SO this week my companion and I have really focused on finding people that are going to progress and accept our invitation to be baptized! and you know what! We did find people! In fact, we now have 2 investigators who are preparing for baptism and are prepared to be baptized if they receive and answer from the Lord!

17 Miracles
On Friday we planned an activity in the branch, and it was just to have a movie night outside of the church! Which was a lot of fun, unfortunately not very many people came. It is really hard to motivate the families in the ward here. There is really only 2 families that want and our willing to help us out. But we did have some investigators come and watch the movie with us which was nice!

We had planned to make tacos.. which arent really tacos like what you guys would think but really like tostados or something think like.. jajaja whatever. They took a long time to make but were really good! 

So Kariely is one of our new investigators, she is the sister of a less active member and her dad is ex communicated... but she has a strong desire to be baptized and so went to her dad to ask him and you know what.. he just completely ignored her! ugh! so frustrating! So my companion and I went and visited him in his mechanic shop because we figured that he could not just ignore us.

So we went and asked him for permission and quite easily he said yes! Which got us really excited. Knowing that we could start working with her to prepare her for her baptism. But on Sunday, she didnt come to church, only her brother.. and when we asked him why he said that the dad didnt give her permission to come! and only a day after he had givien us permission! What the heck! I really dont understand there dad, who is a returned missionary but now wants nothing to do with the church and treats his family like trash!

So please pray for them. Pray that the dads heart may be able to be softened. that he can see the desire of his daughter to be baptized and allow her to come to church!

Tomas Giron
So this is the investigator that I have been talking a lot about. Who is an older guy but who loves the lessons we have with him and is progressing.

This week, we decided that we needed to read the Book of Mormon with Him, as he will never progress if he never reads! SO we went and read 1 Nephi with him. And he absolutely loved it! And said that the Book of Mormon is full of "Beautiful things" but in Spanish of course jajaja

We had another lesson with him this week and talked about the word of Wisdom! becuase he has a smoking problem. He had a drinking problem before but stopped drinking and turned to smoking instead... so we thought that it would be time to talk with him about this...

And after the lesson we challenged him to stop smoking and he said that he would be baptized if he receives an answer that Jospeh Smith really was a prophet of God and that he really received this commandment from God... the unfortunate thing was that he came to church on Sunday with cigarette breath.

But I know that it is a process and just ask that you guys can also pray for him, that he will recognize his answer and come to know that this is the truth and that he will also have the strength to stop smoking.

The work here is really moving forward and I am so excited to see what these next few weeks will bring! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Les amo mucho!

Hermana Loo
Making tacos... 

This is how they make and where they cook all the tortillas! 

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