Sunday, April 5, 2015

Continuing in Growth

Wild Ride
I know that my family was talking about there adventures at Wet n Wild, so I thought that I would share about my wild ride...

Every Tuesday we have to travel to Quiche to have our distrct meetings, which is about half an hour in bus. But the bus ride is a ton of curves, that are like super windy and so really dangerous! 

Anyway, on Tuesday we litteraly made the drive in like 15 minutes! The bus driver drove like mad man! Everyone was sliding around in their seats and I couldnt even stay in my seat! Thought that I might die at one point to jajaja

Spanish Abuela?
I cant remember why, but this week I told someone that my family was currently on a cruise to Mexico. And when this memebr asked me why one of the elders jumped in and said that it was because they were going to visit my Mexican grandma jajaja but this lady totally believed it without even thinking twice! jajaja she even said "oh.. now i understand why you speak Spanish so well" jajajaja... yeah, thats actually not even true!

So with Easter coming up on us the Catholics here have really gone crazy! Everyday there is some kind of festivity with them and a lot of like Parade type things going on. 

During one of their parades or processions that they had this week, they literally stopped right in front of us! And they all just dropped to their knees and started praying. Yeah, it was a little uncomfortable jajajaja and really akward!

On thursday my companion and I had a really good talk. As we put a lot of feelings on the table and were able to talk through our challenges and the things that we needed to change. It was really good for us and helped us out a ton! Talking about specifically how we can work better in unity. As a result of this talk there was a big difference in our week and we had a lot more sucess! Although, tomorrow we will no longer be companions I am glad that are going to finish on good terms!

Church Initiative
I mentioned this in my last email to you guys so I hope that you were able to watch the video that the church has put out about Easter and the resurrection of Christ!

We have been able to find a ton of new investigators through this initiative! So I invite you all to share it with everyone that you can!

In fact, through this initiative we had an investigator accpet the invitation to be baptized if he receives an answer from God and he even came to the baptism that the elders had and said that he felt something different inside of him as he watched the baptism. Of course we had to explain that it was a witness of the Spirit!

Less active
This was definately the miracle and tender mercy of this week, with a less actives whose name is Israel Rojas. As we were planning for the day in the morning we both just had the feeling that we needed to go and visit this less active member. So later in the day we went and watched the church initiative video with him, shared a short message about the video and of course invited him to church. The next day at church he shares that he was at the point of not coming to church, at inactivating himself... when in that exact moment when he thought about this, we knocked on his door!

It really was a testimony to me that the Lord puts us in the exact places we are needed in the exact moment we are needed as well! 

I hope that you all have a great week and continue to share the message of the gospel with all of those around you, whether with words or through your examples. I truly know that we demonstrate, through how we live, that the message of the gospel is joy, peace, and happiness!

Los quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

The market here.. a whole lot of vegetables! 

This is how they do funerals here.
A whole bunch of people just walking in the middle of the street, following the casket... 

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