Monday, November 30, 2015

Endure to the End...

Guatemalan Doors
So the door to our house has some major problems, as does everything in our house jajaja. But beofre the door we had to our house was not safe at all. In fact, you could open the door to our house without a key.. all you had to do was stick your finger in it and pull the door jajajaja only in Guatemala. But we told the dueño of the house about it and he came to fix but it took him mil años and we went half the day without a door, and then we had to leave cause we couldnt stand being in the house any longer and we had appointments, so what did we do? We left th house, and without any door on it jajaja only in the mission and only in Guatemala jajajaja

But we got everything figuered out and now we have a slightly safer door jajaja you take what you can get right?

Possum Attack!
So one night this week while walking to an appointment we saw this really big and dark thing runnning across the street and neither Hna. Manu or I knew what it was, at first we thought it was like a giant rat, and then we thought maybe like a kitten or something, but it turns our that it was a freaking Possum. Then the lady whose house we were in front of came out to see what we were doing and looking at, and started screaming, running inside to find a broom and then yelling for all of her neighbors to come out.

Then they all started chasing after this possum and hitting it with like bats and brooms but it would not die! It was just like rolling around on the ground. It was pretty nasty! But I mean, I guess we got a few contacts and new investigators out of it. The Lord works in mysterious ways! jajaja

Evangelic Prophet
So the elders have this one investigator who wants to get baptized but is having some serious challenges with her family. For example this week one of her sisters took her to talk to a women prophet, because those exist, and this lady just started giving her a bunch of anti mormon stuff. But I think that the funniest thing I heard about this enitre thing ws taht this prophet lady started talking about how vampires and werewolves and zombies are real.. umm, what! And that twilight is a prediction of what is to come... okay, that is just crazy,

The good thing is that the elders with the help of a lot of members were able to talk to her, she went to the temple and she is still firm in her decision to be baptized this week. yay!

So this Saturaday was Manuel Mejia´s baptism! Yay! It was probably the most unorganized baptism I have ever had and SO stressful! I mean, I couldnt even enjoy it...

For example, while we were doing the agenda with the bishop, he asked if the primary could do a special musical number, and Hna Manu and I were like what!? We told the primary presdient to prepare one but your wife went and told her no.... so it was really just hectic and unorganized which I really did not like at all.

Nevertheless, Manuel Mejia and Letici Tsita were baptized! 

Manuel Mejia had to be do it 3 times cause his one foot kept coming up, and in the end Cristian had to go in and help hold his feet down and then we were all good! I was kind of nervous that he would freak out under the water or that something would happen, but he was so calm even though he had to be dipped 3 times. 

It was really cool though because afterwards I was talking to Manuel a bit and he was just so happy and smiley and laughing. I was kind of nervous cause I wasnt 100% sure if he understood everything that he was doing, but after he was baptized he was honestly like glowing, so that was a really cool for me to experience. 

I am so happy and feel so blessed that I got to be apart of his baptism and to see him change and truly try to become better. His family was really excited to and a ton of people came, a lot of nonmembers to to support Manuel. So although it was really hectic and unorganized everything came out to be just fine!

I love being a missionary and I love everything that I have been able to learn and in all of the ways that I have been able to grow. And I want to thank all of you for your love and support.

Los quiero mucho! Tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Loo
So, I thought Noa might like this picture.
It is not uncommon at all for people to carry around huge things on their backs/heads. 

 baptism of Leticia, a newly reacitvated members daughter. And Cristian Tzun, a recent convert, did the baptism. They were both so excited and happy. It was really cute!

Baptism of Manuel Mejia. Yay! He got baptized! One of the pictures is of him and 2 of his sons, Humberto and Wilfredo, they are the ones that helped us out the most with him. And honestly I give full credit to his son Humberto for the baptism. Wilfredo is the one in all white as he was the one who did the baptism.

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