Monday, November 23, 2015

So the Countdown Begins...

It appears as though the countdown has officially begun, and that is really weird. Am I really coming home? Did it really go by that fast? Well I still got 2 more weeks to work! yay!

Crazy Canadian
So, this week we met this really crazy Canadian lady jajaja who is a random Lutheran missionary here. She is really sweet but can sometimes be a little weird, and I think does not really have a filter...

For example we found her as we were getting ready to enter the house to go and eat lunch and Hna. Manu was like, obvioulsy we dont go hungry and this Canadian was just like, yeah obviously jajaja and then she asked hna. manu if she was the cooker jajaja it was really funny. 

She is passing through some rough times right now, and is selling things to be able to make some money, and she even asked us if she could sell after our church meetings, umm no, sorry, you cant. 

But it is always a funny experience when we run into her, and although she is a missionary for a different church, I am hoping taht she will be able to find some joy, peace, and happiness here really soon.

So we went with Rene this week again, and he has such a thirst for knowledege and is so pilas! But he is still really struggling with keeping eth sabbath day holy. So continue to pray for him! He needs to attend church! He told us that he feels the spirit when we are teaching, and that he kind of knows that these things are true but still needs to receive a more stronger and firmer testimony, which is why he needs to attend church, cause this will help him to do exactly that! So continue to pray for him PLEASE!!!

We tried to change his baptismal date because of his lack of church attendance. but he told us no, that he is determined to keep his date and work for it, cause he knows that he can be baptized by the date we set... va. 

I know that he will get baptized as well, and I am hoping that he will be able to get things in order PRONTO so that he can come to church.

So I got quite the suprise this week, Thursday morning Titi called me to see how I was doing and to ask if she could come visit me and go on visits with us. Of course I said yes! It was so good to see her and she is still super cute and so pilas!

She has been helping the missionaries out a lot in her ward, and goes on visits with them, she is currently helping them to teach her cousinn, and she is the president of her institute class, like really! She amazes me, she was one of those people who the Lord was definately preparing! 

Well, I feel like not much else happened this week, I am realizing that we need to be taking to more people on the street so that I can leave my companion with more people to teach! So we are going to be getting on that more in these next 2 weeks. I want to thank all of you for your love and support. It means so much to me...

Also big shoutout to the best trainer and mission mom in the world, Hna. Peña it is her birthday today. I cant remember how old she is turning I just know that she is now really old jajajaja FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS PEÑA!!

Hermana Loo
Since everyone is bringing in their cosecha for the year, we have found ourselves peeling a lot of corn...  

Also, Guatemalan construction.. gotta love it. Dont bother moving the house back, just build it around the electrical pole jajaj

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