Monday, November 2, 2015

New Comp...Last Change

Well, This week I got my new companion. Her name is Hna Manumaleuna (Manu) , she is from Alaska, but both her parents are Samoan and I am pretty sure grew up there. She will be the new nurse when I leave. She is a lot of fun, I dont know whose bright idea it was to put the only 2 polynesian hermanas together as companions, but here we are jajaja Hna Manu has 11 months out on the mission and has been in almost the same areas as me jajaja Las americas and Chichi, crazy right! But she is a hard worker and I am excited that she is killing me, cause she will not let me rest, nor do I want her to!

Carmen Par
We found this lady a couple of weeks ago, and she was somebody who I thought was super prepared to receive the gospel but just didnt know it yet. We went to go visit her this week and she said that she had read the pamphlet about the restoration that we had left her and had already prayed. So that was super exciting!

When we asked her how she felt when she was praying she said that she received an answer about Joseph Smith, and that he was a prophet of God. But when I asked her what she was willing to do because she knew this she told us that she would not change her religion. It was a sad moment but just made me realize that everyone has there agency and can choose for themselves. Maybe right now is not her time, but at least she knows and has this information and hopefully some missionaries can find her later down the road and she will be able to accept this message and change

So we found this guy visiting a reference from a member. Right before we were about to start the lesson she asked if she could invite someone else to listen. of course we said yes! and renee came in. And you know what he is so pilas! He was taking notes and explaining back to us perfectly everything that we had just taught him. He is catholic but is SO willing to pray and I know that he will receive and answer. 

Fasting for Manuel
To be quite honest, up until yesterday I didnt really have a testimony of fasting. It was just something that I did cause that is what you are supposed to do the first Sunday of every month. But I never felt like anything really changed or that fasting even worked until yesterday...

In my fast I was fasting in particular for Manuel Mejia. Earlier in the week we had taught him the Word of wisdom and a little later we found out that he sells liquor in in house, like a little mini bar, and that this is the only means for him of getting any kind of money for food or to pay for anything else. So that it would be really hard for him to stop selling. In my fast I was praying specifially for this, that the Lord would soften his heart and that Manuel would be able to understand why he needed to stop selling alcohol when we were going to talk about it with him that afternoon.

And you know what? A pure miracle happened! When we went to go and teach him and as we were reviewing the Word of Wisdom we talked a little bit about this, how he could not help other break this commandment so he could not seel liquor. And he told us straight out that he would. Quickly and simply. Something that I was not expecting at all. He was just like yeah, I cant use any of those things and I shouldnt help others use them either. So I will not sell alcohol anymore. 

What! It was amazing! So easy, and I know that it is because the Lord had touched his heart to understand. It really is amazing, an 82 year old man who has never ever wanted anything to do with the church, let alone have missionaries visit him is now suddenly so willing and ready to change. It made me realize that the Lord knows us, and he knows exactly what we need and when. Everything in the time of the Lord, we just have to have enough faith and confidence in him!

I love you all so much and am so thankful for your examples and support! I could not have done this without you! Have a great week!

con mucho amor,
Hermana Loo
This was our "before we start our fast lunch" jajaja thats right! 

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