Monday, October 26, 2015

6 weeks out!

Can you believe that today I started my last change of my mission! I cannot believe it! Only 6 more weeks. I dont know where the time went. It feels like not to long ago I was just coming out of the CCM or finishing my training. CRAZY

Good ol´ Guatemala, the water in our house ALWAYS goes out, during the day, in the morning, at night. It really is quite unpredictable! And on Saturday morning it went out, and of course right as we were getting ready to shower. We thought that it wasnt going to be that big of deal, that it would come back on after we were done with our studies. But NOPE. So we had to go in the morning without having taken a shower, which you know for me was just NOT acceptable. It really just kind of sucked, a lot. And all I could think about was how I wanted to take a shower. Luckily, when we came back to eat lunch the water had come back on, so we were able to shower while we were making lunch! Thank goodness, cause if not that would have been just nasty. 

So Esmeralda was an investigator that we started teaching last week, she is pretty cool and when we talked with her about Joseph Smith this week she totally understood and accepted it. She even talked about how God doesnt show himself to just anyone, so the fact that Joseph Smith saw him must be a sign that he was a chosen one of God, even a prophet.

She is really cool, but also really evangelic and her husband who is not very friendly at all may become quite the stumbling block, so please pray for her and her continued progression!

We finally were able to find and teach Walter after such a long time of not seeing him. He is still really pilas and has so much potential! The last time that we visited with him, i think like a month ago, we left him a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet of the Restoration. And when we went back yesterday he had read both! Before starting the lesson all he said was, "so, what do you have to teach me today?" When we finished the lesson, reviewing the restoration, we asked him what he thought about it all, and he was just like, it sounds pretty good and right to me. What do you guys think? jajaja it was pretty funny and cool at the same time. We invited him to church, to pray and to read and he said that he would do it. So I am excited to see how he progresses. Please pray for him and his continual progression!

Manuel Mejia
Last but not least, we got Hno. Manuel, who is the one that is hard of hearing and the dad of the bishop and a bunch of other members here in Olinte. We had two lessons with him this week and sometimes he has good days where he remembers a lot of what we are teaching, saying and what we have taught, and sometimes it is a little more of a struggle.

But on Sunday, it was definitely one of those better days. He said the closing prayer and seemed to be getting everything that we were teaching. It was cute though, because in his final prayer he asked the Lord to help him the remember the things that we are teaching, and for patience, as he knows that it is not the easiest thing screaming so that he can hear us :) But he is really cute. 

He even rememberd his baptismal date. When we asked him if he remembered what was going to happen the 28th of November he just smiled and said, "me voy a bautizar" or "I am going to get baptized!" yay! he rememberd it was so cute and his kids are so excited for him.

It is something really special to see his progression. To see someone as old as he is, about 81 I think, who has never wanted to ever listen to the gospel, go to church or get baptized, have such an interest. He has even been saying his prayers to recieve forgiveness of his sins and to know if this is true. I mean, his entire life he has never wanted anything to do with the church, but now he is so willing to listen and to change! And he remembers every appointment that we have with him and is always there, ready and waiting! 

I ask that you also keep him in your prayers! and pray for the same things that he did, that he can remember the things that we are teaching him! 

I love you all so much! Thank you for your prayers and your support, I could not have asked for a better support group!

les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo
rain, rain go away! Come again some other day...
when I am not here! jajaja

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