Monday, October 19, 2015

Keep on Trying and Finding

So, we seem to be dropping people as fast as we are finding them. We are really doing are best to try and find those people who the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel and who are ready to make and keep their commitments. So we just keep trying to find more and more people to teach that will have a real change of heart. This week was good though as we were also able to change the way we plan to be more effective during the day and meet the goals that we set. 

Hide your kids, hide your wives AND hide your husbands

There is a loco suelto here in Guatemala. Some guy from the states who has been asaulting missionaries, so for this very reason me and my companion have to be inside earlier then usual, before it gets dark, It kind of sucks because nighttime is when we find a lot of families at home, but I guess it is what it is. 

I think that it is funny though cause this guys is like shorter then I am and weighs less then me or about the same. Sometimes it makes me and Hna Feliz laugh cause we just think that we could take him, you know a poly and a black girl, like could he really take us down? jajaja

But our instructions are to be inside before it is dark unless we have a priesthood holder with us who can walk us all the way to our home, and whenever we see a gringo we are to run and hide jaja the members are really worried about us and have been looking out for us, and going to appointments with us at night if we need them too. 

Jose y Paulo
So, we found these guys like mil aƱos ago but we finally got the chance to talk and teach them the Restoration. We can only find them on Saturdays so there progression is a little slower, but they are really receptive and understand really well. And during the lessons the Spirit is there so strongly. I mean, I just feel calm and at peace. And even though they are both young and like to joke around, I feel like they understand that what we are sharing is important and that they need it in their lives, that they need to draw closer to God. So please pray for them! That they may be able to pray and feel the spirit to feel the truthfulness of this message and come to church! I have high expectations for them!

Turn up the volume!
This week we started teaching the dad of a family here who is really old, like 80 something I think. So needless to say he cannot hear very well, so we have to like put our chairs directly in front of him and then half scream at him so that he can hear and understand what we are saying. What is even funnier though is that his kids, who are all RM´s, who sit even closer to him then we do repeat what we say literally screaming into his ear jajaja but hey! He gets it and understands and can hear so i am not complaining jajaja

His entire family, kids, grandkids, ex wife, are all members but he has never had the desire to learn or become a member of the church until now. This is the first time in his entire life that he has accepted missionaries to come over and teach him. We put a baptismal date with him and he accepted it if he comes to know the truth. We still have a long way to go with him though. So please pray for him, his name is Manuel Mejia!

I love you all so much! thank you for all of your prayers and support!

los quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo


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