Thursday, June 12, 2014


I'm here...!!!

We have a little time today to just let you know that I got to Guatemala safely and I am at the CCM begining to adjust to being here. The flight here was not to bad except that I was in the middle seat which was not much fun. But I tried to sleep as much as I could one the flight over here. It was just a little tough with the plane being older and not having as much room or comfortable chairs.

But it was nice because when we first got here we were able to eat and then they allowed us to take a nap. Then we started and went right to work... learning Spanish. Which I must say is going to be difficult but I know that the Lord will bless me.

I am so excited to be here and when I got me missionary name badge it was even more amazing! My companion here in the CCM is Hermana King.... isn't that funny! She is from Idaho. How weird that me and Ohi both have had a companion named King. We share a room with natives which is really interesting because I cannot understand everything they are trying to tell me as we try to ask each other questions and have conversations. But everyone here is really friendly and you can tell is ready to do missionary work. I am so excited!

Guatemala is really pretty. Lots of rain, thunder, and green. Although everything has a gate and security surrounding each building. But Guatemala has McDonalds, Dominos pizza, Burger King and all sorts of stuff that they have at home. Although it is so humid out here that I am constantly feeling so sticky! But I will write to you guys when I have more time. I am also writing to tell you that my P days will be on Monday.

Love and Miss you guys,

Hermana Loo

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