Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Semana Uno

Week One:

We arrived at the CCM and right away we got something to eat and then were able to take a three hour nap (nice because we arrived at 6am).  We had a meeting with the president and were put into our districts. My companions name is Hermana King and she is from Idaho.

But the best part of the day was receiving my name badge and becoming Hermana Loo! Oh it was a great feeling and it all became so real!

We jumped right into missionary work. Taught our first lesson, but in English so it went pretty well.

My other roommates are Latina so it is interesting trying to communicate with them. But all the Latinas here are absolutely Hilarious and so nice!

Taught our first lesson in Spanish and it wasn't to good because we were tried to memorize the lesson, which didn't allow for the spirit to be there and guide us to where we needed to be for the investigator. However my speaking in Spanish has continued to get better everyday.

Taught our investigator again and were able to do a little bit better but not as good as I had hoped. But Saturday was definitely the best day I have had here so far. We just had a lot of fun and grew closer as a district.

Of course... I got called on during sacrament to give a talk... and in Spanish. So that was an adventure but I have to say that I did really good. My Spanish was really good and I was able to use scriptures and everything.  Sundays here are the best because the entire day we have meetings, devotionals and talks that invite the spirit and just take over.

First, just let me say that if you pray and ask Heavenly Father, he will we respond and give you what you need - if you are obedient. Second, the GIFT OF TONGUES EXISTS!

We went into our lesson with nothing planned, only scriptures, and the spirit took over.  Words I didn't know came to mind, things I wasn't sure how to say or phrases I thought of a different way to say, It was amazing! Trust in the Lord and you can do anything!

Some other "STUFF"
My Spanish is getting so much better as the days go by.... I am able to understand more than I can speak but that is okay.

Sorry there are no pictures. They take our cameras away when we first get here so I will probably never have any while here. Which is too bad. They have a lot of different rules here but then again I am in a different country.

All the Latinas always look at me and try to figure out where I am from and why I look like them, with dark hair and brown eyes. but what else is new.

Also I am the second tallest girl here so there is that hahaha!

Well not much time to write. But love and miss you all!

Hermana Loo

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