Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Keep Pushing

I must say that this week there were a lots of ups and downs...and a lot of exhaustion.

On the weekends, there is a bar or something right next door that just blasts music that we can clearly hear which makes it hard to fall asleep. And then we have to close our windows which just makes the rooms a sauna! But let me tell you that I now have no problem going to sleep while hot. I literally just sleep like a baby all the time because I am exhausted!

So this week during our time for sports I decided to play basketball with some of the Hermanas and Elders. Needless to say...I absolutely killed all of them and they were all surprised!!!... Apparently I still got skills haha. No, but really we played like maybe 20 games of knockout and I won all but two. hahaha

Okay so this week I learned one thing about my mission and that is...rats!  Apparently in Guatemala they have these rats that are the size of a full grown cat! Is that not disgusting?... And they have red eyes and if you get near them they start to like snarl and hiss at you. Needless to say I was on the verge of crying because that is disgusting! But then I asked my teacher if I could buy a machete and he said yes... so problem solved I guess.

My teacher then proceeded to tell me  a story about his mom where they were at a families house in Quetzaltenago one of these rats ran across the floor, they all chased after it, killed it, and then proceeded to tell these sister missionaries that they now had dinner! Oh I about threw up! But if you think about it differently, the family had nothing to eat before killing that rat and they were willing to share. I have definitely seen how humble the people are here and it is amazing!

Oh, I also learned from a different teacher that I will most likely have to learn Mayan... which really freaked me out because I cant even speak Spanish! My Spanish is really coming along though. I got pulled aside by my teacher because she noticed how well I am doing and how diligent and hard working I am. That made me feel really good and really gave me a boost of confidence.

I probably gave one of the worst lessons I have ever given here in the MTC on Saturday. But I realized that it was because we forgot to pray before we went in. Which just goes to show that we can do nothing without Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost. When we don't have the Holy Ghost with us we forget what we need to say or had planned and suddenly cant remember any Spanish words! The Spirit can do amazing things though when you pray and He is there with you!

I want to close with a quote and thought from Elder Bednar that he gave at the Provo MTC. In 3 Nephi 11: 15, it talks about how when Christ came to the Americas he greeted everyone "one by one" and that you can find that exact phrase 5 times in the Book of Mormon and they all have to do with Christ.

So think about this.  If he greeted all those people one by one, is it possible that when he was in the garden atoning for all of our sins and while he hung on the cross that he saw each and everyone of us flash through his mind. That he knew exactly who we are, what we looked liked and that we were all in his thought as he atoned and died for us! What a wonderful thought that is to have. That he saw each and every one of us, and loved us enough to go through all the pain that he did. Just a thought.

I love and miss you all. But I love this work and although exhausting, it is so rewarding. There is nothing better than being a missionary!

Hermana Loo

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