Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Caminando, Caminando, Caminando...

Sometimes I feel Like I walk for eterntiy and for hours. We have been contacing more and more people that are further away from the central part of San Cristobal... so we walk for quite a long time somedays. But it is the Lords work and we are finding more and more people in the outskirts!

This week we had iinterviews with Presidente Smith and his wife. So that was nice to get to know them better! But each interview was 45 minutes long! In my interview with him he told me taht I need to speak 30 minutes every day to Hermana Pena in english. WHich is seriously so hard! I start all of my sentances in Spanish, then realize that I am supposed to be speaking in English, so then have to switch mid sentance. It is really funny to hear and so hard! I have only been out for 2 months! I guess that is waht happens when you only speak Spanish all day!

One Month in San Cris
Thursday or Friday.. i think marked my one month of being here in San Cristobal and becuase of this HErmana Pena gave me the phone, keys, and leadership in guiding our daily and weekly planning sessions. I was fine with everything but the phone... becuase it si 10 times harder to understand people! But hey it is what it is and i am trying! But Saturday night we were out on our way to a lesson and Hermana Pena had to use the bathroom. And since I had the phone I had to call a member who lived close to where we were and see if they were home so she could use the bathroom. Long story short I called the wrong person.. because there are two Hermana Raquels in our phone and i called the one that we dont know very well and told her that Hermana Pena had to go pee hahahaha.... ooops!

Corro en Sacramental
All the missionaries in my ward, there are 6 of us, had the special musical number in sacrament meeting. And so we sang A child's prayer, the first verse in english and the second in spanish. It was so funny though becuase everyone was just so intrigued that we sang in English. And afterwards i got asked to teach a class this week in English. So we will see if that actually happens. But it wil be interesting considering the fact that I dont know how to teach english... oh well. I do help a lot of the kids here with there English homework!

We started teaching a mom and daughter this week. Josefina and juliana and extended a baptismal committment to them. They said that they would pray and if it is gods will for them that they would. Literally as soon as we finsihed talking and extending the committment, there was a knock on the door and guess who it was... a pastor! Oh the devil really is trying to stop this work from going forth. But they said taht they would pray about it and i know that the Lord answers prayers!

Raquel Navarro is 18 years old and is a member here who loves to go out and contact with us and teach lessons. She loves to talk but is really fun to have around because we are always joking and laughing. Anyway she has a 2 year old daughter and this week I found out that she changed her daughters name to.... Ashley Alejandra TALAITUPU! To say i was shocked would be an understatement! But they will definitely people that i will never forget!

I continue to grow everyday here and love being a missionary. There is no better work then this! The spirit is so strong and seeing the Spirit work within the people here is amazing! I would encourgage all of you if you are not reading the Book of Mormon everyday to start! There is so much knowledge for use to obtain and so many things for us to learn. Read and pray everyday! Your testimony will grow so strong and fast! I have already learned so much. Personal Study is something that I look forward to every day!

A quote that I liked but am not sure who said it.

"All that the devil needs, is for a good man to do nothing"

Let us not sit by while there are people all around us who the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel!

Le amo Mucho!

Hermana Loo

Megumi! She is crazy and calls me "Loca Loo".
But she always makes me smile and laugh.
This is what native Guatemalan women wear too!
Hermana Raquel... she named her daughter after me
Getting artsy with the walking pics...
because sometimes we walks for what seems like eternity! 
Ashley ALejandra Talaitupu ... hahaha 
2. Noche de Hogar (family Home Evening) with the ward.
It was really fun even if I did have to do the chicken dance
 in front of everyone because I lost one of the games ... hahaha

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