Monday, August 4, 2014

Hola! Hola!

So... you wanted to here a little bit more about my area. I sent pics so hopefully you can understand a little bit more from those.

San Cristobal is gorgeous. Lots of trees and green hills which reminds me a lot of Oregon. 

The people are amazing! For the most part they are all really friendly. It is only creepy when the older men whistle and honk their horns at you. Or you are walking in the street and they slow down there car a little bit to stick there head out the window and whistle. But besides that I love the people. They are all so kind and patient with me as i try to learn spanish. Which is really coming along. I talk so much more in lessons and we have been doing street contacting and i can actually participate! Which is awesome and I am having so much fun! although it is really hard and i am exhausted and ready for bed when that time rolls around.

The house that I live in is pretty nice. A tiny little bathroom, which hardly ever has warm water so i have somewhat gotten used to cold showers. although it still is shocking jumping in each time. 

There are suprisingly not a lot of bugs or fleas. So i dont have that many bug bites. Just some occasionally here andthere. Which i am toatlly fine with. Also we never eat dinner! So I think my stomach has shrunk to half its original size! And i have definitely lost some weight! We only have lunch at a members house once a week. and the only other times we eat at others houses is when we are teaching a lesson and they bring us a snack. Speaking of which this week we were teaching a lesson and the family brought us this drink that was brown and had chuncks of somthing in it... i dont know what. But i tried to drink it all and just couldnt i thought that i was going to barf! ugh it was nasty. But besides that nothing to bad! thank goodness!

The weather here is like Oregon too. One moment it is raning and the next the sun is out and shining! But i wouldnt want to be anywhere else!

There are a ton of dogs and cats running around, a lot like Samoa, that all have some kind of infection and disease... yuck!

Also there area ton of little kids who love the missionaries and playing with us. And they all make me think of Noa which makes me miss her.Tell her that I love her and to not grow up while I am gone!

This saturday we hopefully will have 7 baptisms which I am really excited for!

That is all that i can think of... what else would you like to know? Also you can put this on my blog too.

Love and miss you guys like crazy. And am eternally grateful for your worthiness and raising me in the gospel. Being here and hearing about other missionaries home situations makes me so grateful to have an eternal family!

Love you lots!
Hermana Loo
In Guatemala City.  Like the Favellas in Brazil.
San Cristobal 
Hermana Call in the CCM
Hermana Marcheschi, Hermana Pena, and I.
Hermana Pena trained us both 

my first time doing laundry with water, soap and a rock slab!
Oh how i do miss washing machines!

Market here it is crazy and there are bugs everywhere ... yuck 
Mi Casa...
San Cris at night. This is how all the streets are! 
San Cristobal

All the Hermanas in my zone.
Excuse my weird posture.
I was trying to make myself as big as possible!

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