Monday, July 28, 2014

San Cristobal

Well it has been my first week out in the field and I love everything about being out here!  I ABSOLUETLY LOVE IT HERE! My area is San Cristobal and it is gorgeous! Reminds me a little bit of Oregon because there are a lot of trees and everything! I can finally send pictures so you can see everything!

The language is hard because everyone talks so fast that I really never have any idea what is going on. But I know that with time it will come! My companions name is Hermana Pena and she is from Nicaragua. And she is amazing! I already love here and we have a lot of fun laughing while we are out walking to lessons and things like that. But she is really patient with me and helping me speak Spanish! Which is good, also because she knows English but refuses to speak to me in Spanish which is good and I really like!

Today was pday and we were supposed to go hike to a Lake but there was some protest going on so we didn't get the chance, so we ended up just walking for like 6 hours. but it was fine because this place is beautiful! I seriously am so in love with it.

We teach a lot of families which is a lot of fun! So many little kids that I already just love and they all want to get baptized which is amazing. We are just waiting for the parents to finally tell them that it is okay!

The people here are so humble and live in such humble conditions. It is a lot like the Philippines. But the women all wear traditional Guatemalan clothing, i don't think that I have a picture but they also carry things on their heads, which just amazes me because I have no idea how they do that! Also funny thing because one the members in the ward has a daughter and so she calls me Hermana Blue hahaha

Here is the names of our investigators:

Familia Sapon - Brisna, Emmanuel, and Guisela. Brisna and Emmanuel and the 13 and 10 and really want to get baptized! It is all they can talk about. Their mom, Guisella, wants to to but is afraid because they live with her parents and her dad is a pastor. And she is afraid that if they get baptized and join the church that the dad will kick them out of the house. So please pray for her to have strength and faith to do what she knows is right and trust that the Lord will bless her and her family.

Familia Juarez Mejia -  they have three kids as well and they all want to be baptized. We just gave their dad a Book of Mormon and he has been reading it so hopefully he receive an answer that it is true and the mom is talking the lessons as well. So we are just waiting for the parents to give the kids approval, or it would be nice to be able to baptize them as a family. So pray for them to continue to progress and learn and know that this is true

Yomara Son -  Family is less active so we are working with them. But she is 13, probably as tall and skinny as Noa, and wants to be baptized. But the family is related to another less active member family who are not great examples, so they don't want her to get baptized. But please pray for them as well!

We don't do a lot of street contacting just because we literally have a huge list of references and investigators and less actives to visit, it is insane. But occasionally we will be in the street and just saying good afternoon/night things like that, and have people ask us about the church. But a lot of the people down here are super evangelic. So that is another challenge. But I love being out here and it is gorgeous. Reminds me of Oregon with all the green, trees, and mountains. Which sometimes makes me a little homesick! But this place is awesome! I am so glad that I made the decision to serve. 

Love you all so much and thank you for you constant prayers, support, and love. The Lord is truly hastening his work!

Hermana Loo

All the new Hermana's in our mission
My CCM companion Hermana King. 
Hermana Pena.  My trainer.

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