Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Same Old...Same Old!!!

It is hard to write about exciting things that are happening to me when we do pretty much the same thing every day here at the CCM. But, I am learning a ton so hey no complaints here.

BUT THE EXCITING PART IS THAT THE NEXT TIME I WRITE I WILL BE IN QUETZALTENANGO! What???...crazy.. I know little about my travel arrangements. The only thing that I know is that we leave early in the morning on Tuesday and that it is a 5 hour bus ride... other than that no se.

Okay so here is my breakdown of the week.

I got really sick Thursday night and it continued Friday and Saturday. But now I am on the recovery and feeling better everyday. My head hurt and I had a runny nose and it made it impossible for me to focus during class which made me frustrated becuase I only have a week here and I want to get as much done before I have to leave! It also made me really miss home and my mom - becuase I really missed having someone take care of me. But The Lord blessed me and I was able to recover speedily!

A break down of our investigators. My companion and I taught a really good lesson this week on the Priesthood to one of our investigators. The Spirit was so strong it was amazing, everyone was whispering because of it. Afterwards our teacher talked to us and told us that the lesson changed his life... WOW! was all that I could think. He said that through our lesson he wanted to keep crying but was holding it in. He said that while we were teaching he was reminded of something that he read in his patriarchal blessing and how our lesson changed his perspective on what he read in his blessing. It was amazing! The spirit truly works miracles!

My perspective has defintiely changed while being here too! I absolutelty LOVE Guatemala and the people here! I have also noticed that the way I look at people has also changed. I no longer have my same attitude that I used to have.... I serioulsy see everyone as sons and daughters of God and that has changed everything! I also used to hate teaching... well not hate it just made me nervous. But now I LOVE it!  It is the best part of my day! And being able to feel The Spirit so strong is like nothing else!

Okay so some people have been asking me about the food here in the CCM. It isn't too bad on some days. But others it is just werid... like nachos with beans and cheese for brekafast! what... no se. But that is what we mainly eat. Beans, cheese, and tortillas.... cant say I like it but food is food and when I am hungry there is not much else I can eat.

Okay so the tour we went on. It was super fun and we went to the market. It is somewhat like the market in the Philiipines just a bunch of people talking to you trying to get you to by there things. But it was really interesting to see some natives and the way that they dress and act. I can already tell that I am going to absolutely love being here! There was a food market there and it was nasty to see all of the bugs and flys that are just around and all over the food, but the people still eat it! so oh well! I bought a shirt that says "guats up" and I wish that I could send you some but that is a lot of money and I am poor... so lo siento. But it was really fun to see Guatemala and it is absolutely beautiful! So much green and trees! It reminds me of Oregon a little bit. I have a lot of pictures that I wish that I could send you...but you  can all see them in a week! WHAT CRAZY!

Well thats about all that happened this week... oh but it rained during sports one day, like poured! And it was so much fun! becuase it wasnt cold but perfect. It reminded me of playing in the rain in Samoa.

Just want to leave with a quote from President Monson "Do your duty, that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest."

I LOVE this gospel and there is no where that I would rather be than out here on a mission. I KNOW that this church is true, how could it not be!

Love and miss you all so very much!

Hermana Loo

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