Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One Month!!!...I can't believe it.

This is going to be a day by day thing.


Today was a rough day. We had a lot of problems with the elders in my district. They were being just a little disrepectful and not listening to the teacher. Plus they always leave their companions! And you need to be able to be within sight and sound of them at all times! Plus a lot of them do not realize that this is the Lords time and not theirs. We just need to constantly remember that this is the Lords work, the Lords way.


Happy 4th of July! We actually got to eat American food instead of the regular rice and beans! Which was so nice to have a burger and normal cake! We also went on an English fast for 24 hours which means that i spoke spanish only that entire time and it was amazing! I totally realized how much Spansih I actually know and it was so good! However on Friday my comapnion and I did get rejected by our investigator which was so sad! He is just a teacher pretending to be and investigator, but still I was so devestated! I wanted to just yell at him and tell him to stop being so stupid! Becuase he knows that this is true! I cannot imagine how it is going to feel with actualy people, i dont even want to think about it. It was especially sad becuase the lesson before we got him to commit to baptism and attend church! Later the teacher we taught told us that he decided to reject us because we needed a new challenge. We were applying the principles of teaching to well and needed to have a different challenge. So i guess it wasnt to bad. But still sad because we got RECHAZADO!


Thanks goodness for prayer! The Lord has definitely blessed me with gifts becasue I have asked him too. Especially the gift of patience! I cannot tell you how much more patient I have gotten. And I am so thankful for that! I have definitely gained a testimony of ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you. The Lord wants to bless us, but we must be willing to act in Faith and ask Him!


It was fast sunday so we did a full 24 hours, and let me tell you I thought that I was going to die from hunger! But i actually wasnt hungry at all, yet another blessing from the Lord! It was testimony meeting so it was nice and really cool to hear everyone bear theirs in Spanish and then for me to get up and do mine in Spanish as well. The Spirit was so strong! I absolutely love it here! After sacrament presidente came up to Hermana King and I and asked to talk to us. I was so nervouse because I had no idea what he was going to say! Turns out he thought that we had gotten in a fight because of the way we looked during Sacrament. Hahaha well thats just my face president, sorry about that. Also I was really tired and a little hungry hahaha...oops! We got everyrthing sorted out and told him that we were totally fine which was good!


There was an earthquake early in the morning that woke me up. It was just strong enough to shake the bunkbed that I was sleeping on. Funny story though because Hermana King thought it was I shaking the bed and I thought it was her! So we were both a little angry at eachother wondering why we were shaking the bed! hahaha but then we both figured out it was an earthquake and were totally fine!


Today is Tuesday and we get to go to Wendys and on a field trip! Finally we get to go outside! Which is why I have no time to wrtie. So lo siento if I do not write you back. But I do enjoy getting your emails and hearing about how all fo you are doing.

I love you all so much! Thanks for all of the lov, support and prayers you send my way! You guys are amazing! I love this work, Love the people, and Love the Lord!

Hermana Loo

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