Monday, August 18, 2014

Hablando en Español solo

This week i have really tried to focus on speaking only in Spanish. Even when i am around the other Nortes in my zone. Hermana Peña always scolds me when i speak in English which is good. Because that is not my mission language!

Temple with la familia Sapon
On Thursday we got to go to the temple with one of our investigator families, this is the family of emmanuel who was baptized last Saturday. It was really special and the spirit was so strong. we watched the Restoration video which i always love! I could also tell that the Sapon family really felt the spirit strongly and know that they want to enter into the temple to be sealed for eternity. Now if we can only get them over the fear of their dad/grandpa

I have really come to appreciate Joseph Smith and the first members of the church. What wonderful strength and faith they had in the Lord and trusting that in His time He would deliver them! May we all strive to have that same faith in our Lord and trust that when the time is right for him, not us, He will deliver!

Familia Juarez Mejia
Well we had everything set up for two of their kids to be baptized this Saturday. but because they are young we needed the permission from their parents. And we had gotten it from their mom but we wanted to have permission from both so we still needed it from the dad. But unfortunately he was really angry with his family this week for whatever reason. So when the kids asked him he said no and that was the end of that discussion. So we are hoping that the kids do a better job of listening and we can get them baptized on Saturday!

Menos Activos
We are doing a lot of work in trying to retain! Retain! Retain! and trying to get the members more and more involved with this work. Because as we read in Preach My Gospel every new member needs a friend, a calling, and to be spiritually fed! And the members are willing to help! So hopefully we get more less actives to church on Sunday! Because the fruits of our labors as missionaries don't really mean much if the fruit isn't permanent!

I said a prayer in English this week out loud because Hermana Peña wanted to learn the prayer language in English. And it was seriously so hard! because i usually only pray in English in my head! half my sentences i am pretty sure made no sense and some of my words just came out in Spanish! but hey i guess that is a good sign that i am learning!

Can i just say how much i miss food! Like real food! especially mom´s cooking! ugh! I feel like i am never full because i never actually get real food. Only cereal, oatmeal, and bread. hahaha but a small sacrifice that i am willing to make for the time that i am out here. 

Something else that I have really gotten used to is having people hug me all the time, or want to hold my hand. especially our families with young children. They are always hanging on me. So that is something that I have really gotten used to.. cant say that I like it... but have gotten used to it hahaha.

Also just want to say that everyone should be thankful for the education that we receive and for the opportunity that we have to attend good schools and go to college. There are a lot of kids here who don't get a good education. That don't really know how to do simple math or read. There is a thirteen year old girl hear who is just beginning to learn how to read. so no matter how much you hate school and homework be grateful!

A couple of quotes that I really liked and have helped me throughout the week:

¨Your progress begins at the end of your comfort zone¨ (know that you are going to like this one dad haha)

¨Your example isn´t the best way to influence others, it´s the ONLY way!¨

¨Do your duty, that is best, leave unto the Lord the rest¨ - President Monson

Love you all so much and thank you for your constant examples, love, and prayers!

Strive to live in a way that when we return to our loving Heaving Father and he asks us what we have done with his name we can reply and say that we were worthy holders and representatives!

Love you all!
Hermana Loo
Hna Raquel.
She always likes to come with us during the day to teach
and loves to talk! And is always making jokes with me which is really fun 
Familia Garcia.
Just one of the families that we visit that are less active.
But their kids are always hanging on me!

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