Monday, September 22, 2014

This week was amazing of course! How can it not be when you are out serving the Lord and seeing the gospel bless the lives of others!

Today for pday we went on ziplining which was amazing! And a ton of fun, only problem, we were up in the mountains without a way to get back to the city. Solution, hitch hike in the back of a big pepsi truck! hahaha a lot of fun and definitely something that we could not do in the States! Only in Guatemala!

Rain! Rain! Rain! Go away! 
Well it is the rainy season in Guatemala.., and this week definitely proved that! It poured down rain every day this week, and i mean poured! Nothing that we havent seen in Oregon, just isnt to much fun when you have to be out walking in it all day, and the streets that you are walking on are made of dirt. Which means that my legs were covered in dirt and filthy.. when i didnt have my boots on! But hey! That is the mission! Only thing that wasnt so awesome was that my scriptures got wet and so now they are a little bit ugly! But i guess that just means that i am putting them to good use right!?

Stake Conference
Stake conference was on Sunday and this week is general conference! What more could you ask for! But of course it was awesome to hear the messages that were shared during the meeting on Sunday and even more awesome that I can actually understand!

After the meeting on the way back to San Cristobal, Fer ( who was baptized the other Saturday) and Brizna (who is getting baptized this saturday) were talking about their missions! And how they are both going to serve in the same missions and be companions! But it always is so exciting to hear investigators talk about the church and missions! What more could you ask for! They both have such strong testimonies of the gospel at such a young age! It is amazing to see how the spirit works and changes lives!

Garcia Family
This is the less active family that we reactivated and are now preparing to enter into the temple to be sealed. Well we were talking about this the other day and temples and they all said that they want Hermana Peña and I there in the temple when they are sealed! Which of course made me so happy. they were then asking a million questions about who they need to talk to and what they need to do to make sure that we are there! I have really grown to love this family so much!

Family Photos
Side note... any time i show anyone a picture of the fam they always point to Nica and think that she is me! hahaha and then they ask what is everyones name and of course are so suprised every time hahaha! One of the members here even asked if we are mad at our parents for our names? hahaha umm no! They are awesome duh!

another side note.. In Guatemala they have huge protests that block the street and stop traffic, making it impossible to travel anywhere! 

Anyways this week we have three baptisms! And i am so excited for that and for the decisions that they have all made to follow Christ! What great examples they are to me in their faith and desire!

Love you all! Have a great week and know that you are always in my prayers! Always be an example to all those around us! There are always people watching!

La amo mucho!
Hermana Loo

Leave a legacy, be a legend

My zone today at the zipline place! 

Yo, Sarai (who leaves for her mission to Mexico this coming Monday), y Hermana Peña
Yo y Megumi!
Seriously she is the cutest thing ever!
Highly considering putting her in my suitcase and bringing her with me wherever my next area is!
Hitch hiking back to the city in the back of a Pepsi truck!
Animals in a zoo? or our ride back to the city?

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