Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracles and Adversity

This week of course was amazing. How could it not be when you have three people that you have come to love decide to enter into the waters of baptism!

Baptisms and of course.. RAIN!
We had the baptism of Adonai Sapon, Brizna Aguilar Sapon, and Oscar Garcia. The baptism was supposed to start at two, but as usual with things here in Guatemala it started late. But that in part had to do with the RAIN. I think it was 5 minutes before two and it started to pour, and i mean really pour down rain. Like nothing that i have really ever seen before. And the rain droplets were huge. I dont think the rain that we had on Saturday is like anything i have ever seen in Oregon. Satan really was working hard for this baptism not to happen.

But they all came and soaking wet i might say. And even members made the trek through the rain to come and support these investigators in their decision. And the service was amazing, I cannot even begin to express what it is like to see your investigators enter into the waters of baptism and make that decision for themselves to change their lives forever. 

As we were taking pictures and everything was set up to start the baptism, my nose starting bleeding! Ahhh que molesta! I literally just looked down at my hand and there was blood and then my nose started to bleed, and by this time everyone was just waiting on my nose to stop bleeding so that we could start the baptism! But it eventually stopped and everything went according to plans with the baptisms and everything.

Oscar Garcia, is a member of the less active family that we reactived. And what was amazing to see what his dad be able to baptize him and have the prietshood power in his life and well as in the lives of his family. 

Adonai and Brizna was absolutely amazing as well. And when asking them how they fely after they both said they felt a peace that they have never felt before in their lives and that they really couldnt describe. They are both now preparing to enter into the temple to do baptisms, and Adonai is preparing to receive the Priesthood as well as serve a mission. Which is something that he has expressed a great desire to do.

Emmanuel (the brother of Adonai and Brizna) expressed in his prayer before the baptism how happy he was for the day and for his brother and sister who were making the decision to be baptized in the true church. Which literally made me smile from ear to ear, his testimony is so strong at just 10 years old. Their mom is now the only one of the family who is not a member. So please pray for her that she will have faith and not be afraid.

The baptism was amazing and now with literally almost all of our investigators baptized we are now needing to find new investigators. Which means street contacting and talking to everyone. Which suprisingly i have become quite comfortable with.

Cows and Dogs
A little side note. i almost died this week because i had both a cow and a dog literally charge at me hahah only in Guatemala! But in Guatemala there are always Cows on the street, and this cow started running at me. ahhh so scary, but now looking back is kind of funny.

This week was amazing and the Lord is really helping me to learn and to grow. I know that this church is true without a shadow of a doubt. And i know that the mission is exactly the place that i need to be right now. Their are constant blessings in our lives and the Lord will always bless us when we are doing the right thing, and the things that we shouldl.

I am so excited for conference this week and the opportunity to hear the prophet

I love you all so much. have a great week and always remember who you are!

La amo mucho
Hermana Loo

leave a legacy, be a legend

Oscar Garcia 
Yo y Brizna 
Yo, Brizna y Adonai 
Rope swinging like Tarzan

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