Monday, January 12, 2015

7 months! Time flies!

So i cannot believe that i have completed 7 months here on the mision! and that i only have one area and two companions jajajaja! Also really.... Ohi only has one transfer left! Time really flies! 

Guatemalteca Abuela
So the abuela of the Sapon family is seriously just the cutest thing! We were visiting with the Sapon family on Thursday and she comes in to visit with us as well. And begins to tell me that she is always worried about me and my safety. Especially during the days when there were diablos out on the street! She is so sweet, and also said that she was really worried when i was sick and throwing up! That she was praying for me to get better! 

Also she told us that she loves having us in her home because she always feels strengthened. She then proceeded to tell us that we reflect and represent Christ really well. Which I thought was a really nice compliment! And made me feel good and like I was doing what i was called to do. She is so nice and always wants to feed us and give us something to eat and drink because she feels like we are a part of her family! 

Noche de Hogar
So we had a Noche de Hogar or family home evening with both the Sapon family and Juarez mejia families, which was really nice and fun. We wanted to have an activity before they started school again this week. We had a lesson the keeping the sabbath day holy. And it was really effective because they all came to church on Sunday! Without us having to call them to wake them up or remind them!

But seriously the Juarez Mejia family are just plain awesome! I mean they are only 11, 12, and 14 years old and there parents aren't members. But they still get up all by themselves for church, are ready with there church clothes on by the time we got by to pick them up and come to all of the activities as well without being reminded! They are such a great example to me! So young but still know exactly where they want to be and have such strong testimonies of the church and absolutely love reading the Book of Mormon!

Now the Sapon family is really struggling as lately they have had a ton of problems with their family. So please keep them in your prayers. I cant even imagine how hard it is for them, being threatened by their family and those who you would think would love them the most no matter the choices or decisions that they make... pray for them!

Mayco and his family 
So Mayco is a recent convert, who is 9 years old and is disabled. He is in a wheelchair as he cant control his limbs so he cant walk. He is the only member in his entire family so Hermana Canales and I have started to teach them.

His mom is an alcoholic and it is really sad to see. Saturday we went to visit them and found Mayco all alone in his home... His mom had apparently left to the bar to go and drink and after 2 months sober! It was so sad! That she is such an alcoholic that she really cannot control it at all! Leaving her disabled son with her young kids, the oldest being 12 and the others only 7 and 4!

So please pray for his mom, Maria Jose, that she can stop drinking. But more specifically have the faith that through Christ she can stop drinking and be forgiven! 

Every week we seem to get new investigators, but after two or three visits with them they either aren't keeping their commitments, not coming to church, or really just don't have the desire to change. But i am really working on building my faith in the fact that the Lord is preparing people here to receive the gospel, and that there are people here in San Cris! I seem to be learning a lot about patience over these last couple of weeks! Guess the Lord knows that it is something that i really need to acquire!

Funny story though, while we were out contacting on Sunday afternoon and the first door we knock on this old man comes to the door. And begins to yell at us and tell us that we are just spreading lies, and begins to curse at us in Spanish (lucky for me i have no idea what the curse words are in Spanish) and then slams the door in our face! oh the joy of the mission! I just had to laugh at how angry he was at us for just trying to talk and get to know him. Oh well, when the Lord closes a door, he opens up 10 more!

Have a great week! it is always such a blessing to be able to talk to you all! and to be able to share my experiences out here on the mission! There is nothing that can really ever compare to being on a mission, I don't even know if i can explain how awesome it is! Although tough and challenging I have learnt so much about myself and have grown so much closer to my Heavenly Father!

Have a great week! Love you all so much!

Hermana Loo

This is a photo of my zone when we had the mission conference with Elder Duncan.
He is the is the area President here for Central America!

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