Monday, January 5, 2015

Obedience brings blessings...but obedience with exactness brings miracles!

Happy New Year! Hope that this year is the best one ever! and I hope that this year we are all able to strengthen our testimonies and come to realize what really matters in this world!

New Year´s Eve

Okay so just like Christmas here in Guatemala, New Year´s eve and day is pretty similar as well! As soon as it hits midnight on New Year´s eve a ton of fireworks start to be shot off! In fact in comparison to Christmas, there are 10 times more fireworks on New Year´s Eve. If Christmas was a war zone, then New Years eve is like another world war.. supposedly.

The funny thing is that New Years eve at midnight i didnt hear a thing! And if you know me at all you know that i am a VERY light sleeper. So the fact that i didnt hear a thing just goes to show how exhausted i am! Walking everywhere in the sun really just makes me sleep like a baby! 

The people here think that it is so weird that i like to eat white rice plain... without any salt or anything! ... What can i say... its an asian thing i guess jajaja

Dont know why i thought to share this but i think that it is funny. 

So we had divisions this week with the Hermana Leaders, and i went to Momos with Hna. Busk, who is from Utah. Anyways whenever i have divisions with her we always talk a ton in English! Which is really fun for me and really different since all of the companions i have had speak Spanish!

But a cool thing about Momos is that apparently the people in Momos have the purest Lamanite blood! Something that i thought was really cool to hear and think about as i was walking in the streets in Momos! But then again this fact came from an Elder, so who knows if it is actually true jajaja

So all of the Polynesians that are in this mission are in my zone. And Thursday morning Hermana Peña sent me a message asking me the names of the Polynesian elders. I was really confused and sent her the names of the Elders asking her why she wanted to know... to which she replied that she had heard something weird about me and one of them!

I was seriously so shocked and just wanted to know what she heard! Well.. apparently she heard a rumor that me and one of them are going to get married after the misison! jajaja oh brother! Yeah! Not going to happen jajaja

Juanito, ward mission leader
So Junito is our ward mission leader and is seriously just amazing! I am so grateful to have him here and for all of his help in this work!

He went on visits with us Wednesday to visit a recent convert who is also less active. And after he left he ended up giving us a ton of references, and offered to go and visit all of them with us! SO out of all of this we got 7 new investigators! He is such a good example of how all members can be missionaries!

In fact, this week i even read a talk given by a 70 at a BYU Idaho devotional. And if you get the chance i strongly encourage you to look up the talk to try and find it so you can read it! His talk is about 4 or 5 important decisions that he has made in his life, and that have all made a strong impact! And one of these important decisions was that he sets a goal every year, a certain date, to find someone to invite to learn about the Gospel, to invite to take the missionary lessons, and to be baptized! He has been doing this for like 20 years and every year he has accomplished this goal! and two or three times each year!

So my invitation is for you guys to do the same! To find this talk, read it and set the same goal! And i know that with prayer and faith you can all do the same! That we are all missionaries! It doesnt matter if you have a nametag or not!

I hope that this year we can all grow to be a little better, grow closer to our Heavenly Father and come to be the disciples and children that He wants and knows we can be!

Love you all!

Hermana Loo

photo from of my zone from our Pday last week!

last one... from our zone Christmas party!

Another party in the street for New Year´s day!
All of these freaky things, like they have at Disneyland
that I am still sacred of. well not scared just really dont like!
Everytime I see one of these I think of the picture from Disneyland
when Ohi, Nica and I were all little and i am crying my eyes out
because i didnt want to take a picture with them! jajaja to funny!

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