Monday, February 16, 2015

Ya me voy!

After 7 months in my first area, I will finally be leaving as I am getting transfered. I have no idea where I am going or who my companion will be, which makes me a little nervous.Well until tomorrow when I will find out early in the morning!

This week I feel like just flew by! I really have no idea where the time went! And for some reason I really cant remember what happened. It was all just a blur. But maybe thats because I was just so excited for Sunday to find out whether or not I would be leaving San Cris!

So some random things that happened this week as well as some of the things that I came to realize that are normal here in Guatemala that are just not normal in the states:

1. Someone this week thought that I was from Columbia hahaha

2. The lights here ALWAYS go out. On Tuesday they went out at 7 in the morning and didnt come back until 6 at night! Which meant a cold shower and nothing to eat for lunch since our kitchen is electric. The lights ALWAYS go out! Which can be quite annoying at times.

3. Dead dogs on the side of the roads. Guatemala is kind of like Samoa in this aspect. That there are a ton of street dogs! And I think like everyday Hermana Canales and I find a dead one on the side of the road, where other animals are eating the dead body.... eww!

4. There are so many flies here everywhere! and maybe that has something to do with the fact that there are also a ton of cows here in San Cristobal. 

5. It is a normal thing for the people here to go days or even weeks without showering. SO almost always the kids here, especially if they dont have money, to be just visible dirty all of the time. I feel for them a lot, but it is what they are used to and really dont know anything else.

Moving on...
I had to give a last minute talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. I must say that I am suprising myself in the fact that I can actually give a talk in Spanish without having everything written out! 

But I was thinking about Ohi Sunday morning, and during my talk. How she was having to give a talk on Sunday to and in Spanish for her first time! But I know that she killed it! jajaja

Thought that I would share a little bit about our new investigator that we have. HIs name is Mario, and his wife is a less active member. ANd he is actually the brother-in-law of our ward mission leader. He was catholic but then one day afer reading in the bible he decided that the sabbath day is actually Saturday. And we sat with him one day in a lesson for a think more then an hour trying to explain to him using scriptures that the sabbath is in fact on Sunday. At the end of the lesson he still didnt really believe the sabbath to be on Sunday, so we just ended up inviting hjim to come to church with his family Sunday and to feel of the spirit that is in the building. And to sincerily pray and ask the Lord what day is His day. So please pray for him as well that you can come to church and understand!

Well I am excited for what is going to happen this next week, with a new area and everything! Who knows what will happen. But i am confident that wherever I get sent is the place where the Lord wants and needs me to be! I am so excited for what is to come!

Los quiero mucho! 

Hermana Loo
MY zone... try to see if you can find me, i didnt want to take pictures hahaha 
Try to find the bolo (passed out drunk guy)! jajaja 
goodbye San Cris! 

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