Monday, February 2, 2015

Long, Hard, Exhausting but Rewarding week

It seems like the more time that I have out here in on the mission the faster the days, weeks, and months pass by! And the more and more exhausted I am! jajaja 

Okay this week, food wise was amazing! For the first time in what seems like forever I had really good food! And not just eggs, beans, and tortillas hahahaha! Like this week I had something that was so similar to cocoa rice! I thought that I might die and then I also had steak! Oh! It was so good! And now I find myself thinking about how much I would love to eat one of dad hamburgers and some cinnamon rolls jajajaja!

Also we have a new mission rule, we are no longer allowed to go to Walmart the first pday of every month! Which means that the amount of food that I can cook and eat just got a whole lot smaller! Oh well! Looks like that means more "forced dieting" jajaja President Smith has really changed a lot of the rules on Pday, to where really now we cant do much with our days! Which kind of sucks, but it is revelation he received as the mission president and something that I have to and will follow!

New burst of energy!
This week I found myself with a new burst of energy! A newfound dedication to this work! I just have this new burning desire to share this gospel with everyone that we come and contact with! And as a result this week we found new investigators! New families! ... side note, our ward mission leader has decided that we will no longer call investigators, investigators but visitors. Apparently an apostle gave a talk on this in one of the conferences where he pointed out that on the sign that is on the wall of the enterance in every church it says "Visitors welcome" and not " Investigators welcome". My ward mission leader is hoping that this will help in having less of a seperation between the members and the "visitors".

Anyway... this week we found two new families! The first family we found is the familia Chuc! We found them knocking on doors and had the spirit really guide us in leading us to knock on this families door! Anyway, the mom of the family, Thelma, is the one who answers the door and begins to tell us that she had meet with the missionaries before and that her kids really remember them and how kind they were. She then goes on to tell us that she knows a lot of members and really admires them and how they live their lives. How they actually live what they preach! Just another example of the importance of examples and how we as members, always have people watching us, whether we know it or not! The funny thing about this family as well is that one day I was looking through our area book and found her and her families name, and felt inspired that we should visit them. Although the address that was given was phony so we never got the chance! But this week we found them! And it was amazing!

We also found another family... the familia Torres! We also found them knocking on doors! And we actually contacted the kids of the family. We knocked on their door and after some time no one answered, so we left but as we were walking away we turn around and find these two little kids chasing after us asking if we were the ones who knocked on their door! We reply yes, and since they were so little i didnt think much about it and just handed them a pamphlet about The Plan of Salvation and we went our seperate ways. Then one day when we were planning Hermana Canales and I both had the impression that we should go back and visit them. When we went back we were able to talk with the dad, Juan Andres, who had read the pamphlet we left, had a ton of questions about it, and even asked about the Book of Mormon and if he could read it! What! Of course we said that we could and left him a copy with a return visit set up to talk with him a little more about it!

I really felt the Lord´s hand in my life this week! As i have realized how much he has blessed and given me! In fact I even started keeping a seperate journal/notebook with all of the tender mercies and miracles that I see throughout the day! And it is amazing what i can find! And has really helped me to increase my testimony and faith! I know that we are all children of God, and that He is our Heavenly Father! I know that He wants, is willing, and is always blessing our lives! 

Los quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

It was Emma´s birthday Monday!
We went and celebrated with him and his family!
He is so excited that next year he will turn 12,
be able to receive the priesthood and enter into the temple!

Playing Hide and seek with Sandra and Sebastian!
I think Sebas ran into the fridge like 3 times jajaja

Corte... this is the typical shirts that the people here wear,
and to make them they have to sit and stitch the entire pattern!
Takes so long! But looks amazing when all is said and done! 

The name of this bar just made me laugh
"Cantina donde lloran los valientes" or "bar where the brave cry" jajaja

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