Monday, March 2, 2015

La unica Hermana Loo!

WEll... Kaohi is officially home, which means that I am now the only Hermana Loo... tear. It was such a cool experience to be serving a mission as the same time as my older sister! And I am so thankful for her example in her missionary service, and for her testimony, and the huge impact that she has had in my life, for returning home with honor! I hope that you are all now enjoying having her home!

Drunk ol´ lady
This week while walking in the street we had a drunk old lady come up and start talking to us! It was oh so very clear that she was beyond drunk!

She started complementing us, talking about how much she liked our butterfly earrings, even though they were clearly hearts jajaja and then proceeded to ask us to give them to her! jajajaja to funny, at this point she steps off the curb and says something like, oops i fell and then walks away jajaja. Oh Guatemala! GO to love it!

Okay so here in ChiChi, nearly everyone speaks Kiche. THe good thing is that they almost all speak Spanish. But just walking down the street everything is in Kiche, and apparently you cant find a job here if you dont speak kiche! 

We had a lesson this week with a less active that neither of us has ever met before, and the lesson was entirely in kiche! I understood absolutely nothing! The good thing was that we had a member with us who speaks kiche so she was able to translate for us! Felt like being in my training again! I took a video of them talking so hopefully i will be able to send it. YOu have to listen really closely, so hopefully you can hear what it sounds like!

Okay, so in this area we have to do a ton of contacting, since we dont have a lot of members. Although the best way to work here is through the references of members. Since the last 10 baptisms or so have all been references! But in order to do that we need to build a stronger realtionship with the members, because they all just love the elders! Quite honestly, it is a lot of work to do since the Hermanas before didnt do a very good job of this, and just tried doing it all on their own. WHich doesnt work at all let me tell you..

This week we had a funny experience knocking on doors. For instance, we contacted the house of this older couple and when we started talking to them about who we are and the message we have, the husband says that his back is hurting and that he is going to go and rest in his bed, so they cant talk with us right now. We say that taht is okay, but as soon as we turn our backs to leave, the husband starts walking back to the chair he was sitting in before. Yeah, so much for resting! jajaja

I have heard so many excuses that people just make up on the spot because they dont want to talk to us jajajaja but the funniest ones are always when we the kids answer the door, and when they go to get there mom they ALWAYS come back saying,  "my mom says that shes not here" jajajaja to funny...

Like i said in earlier on of the problems i am faced with right now is trying to gain the confidence of the members, but there are also many other problems.

For example, almost all the men here, members or non members have problems with the law of chastity. There are a ton of people here who are not married but are just living with there partners but have like 6 children!  In fact this week we visited an investigator, whose husband is a member and returned missioanry, but wants nothing to do with the church. In fact, his wife, although they arent married, knows that he is always sleeping around with other women, and their kids have even seen him with other women! IT is actually really sad and this poor lady is struggling so much!

On the other hand, the women here have problems with the word of wisdom, namely alcohol problems. I cant tell you how many times we have passed by bars here and happen to catch a glimpse inside to see branch members drinking.. agh!

Needeless to say, there is a lot of work to do here in this area! Both with finding members to teach as well as reactivating members, and focusing on teaching the word of wisdom and law of chastity to everyone! I heard this week that here in Chichi there are the most bars then in anyother city in Xela jajajaja awesome... but hey! THere is work to be done and i am more then happy to do it!

Hope that you all have a great week! Never forget to be an example, and a disciple of Christ at all times! We have such a legacy to leave!

Los quiero muchisimo!รง

Hermana Loo
Some sort of governement thing that was going on where there was litterally
like thousands of Guatemala women outside of our house jajaja

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