Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving forward

This week was actually a pretty good week as we were able to find more people to teach!

Baby shower
Every Tuesday afternoon here we have an activity in the church, and the purpose is to just help the members, less actives, and investigators we have become more united, to get to know eachother better, and to build relationships.

This week we had a baby shower for a women in the ward who is pregnant with her 7th child. The challenge with her thought is that her husband recently passed away, she doesnt have a job, and so doesnt have any form of income.

But it was a really good activity and the members really came together to help this lady with her new baby. They were able to bring a lot of gifts and clothes for the baby, since the mom doesnt have any income coming in she also doesnt have anything for the baby. And i mean nothing! SO it was really nice to see! 

We also played games at the end which were just hilarious! One of the games consisted of 4 people, two on each team, and one person from each team had to be the parent, while the other was a baby. And the baby had to sit on the other persons lap and drink out of baby bottle! It was so funny to watch, especially because they were adult doing it! jajaja

fĂștbol tourney
On Saturday we, along with the elders here in Chichi, organized a soccer tournament. Where we invited four members to create teams. But with a condition, that there team had to consist of members, less actives, and non members. And it was actually a really good activity, and we had a ton of nonmember come and play. And at the end of it all they all asked when we were going to do it again! If anything else, it was good for these nonmembers to get to know where the chapel is and what it is like inside, and for them to realize that not all Mormons are weirdos jajaja

We have this one investigator, who quite honestly is a little rough around the edges and scares me a little bit jajaja

She is a member of the adventist church(?) and so she believes that the sabbath day is Saturday. 

But we went to go and visit her on Wednesday and she immediately told me that I am her favorite... jajajaja and only because i had asked her son earlier in the day how she was doing since she had been sick all last week.

But it was pretty funny because all throughout the entire lesson she only talked to me and asked me the questions... and at the end of the lesson only asked me if I wanted something to eat a drink. But she literally only looked and talked to me the entire lesson. I thought that it was pretty funny, especially because i was kind of freaked out the entire lesson and because she scares me a little bit jajaja

So I just have to write about Wednesday because it was such a good day for us! 

On Wednesday, we went on visits with a returned missionary, who has only been home from her mission for 4 months. So she still was somewhat in missionary mode!

The great thing was that with her we were able to contact a bunch of her references! And from these references were able to find 2 families! One of which has 11 people! 

But from all of this i really just gained a testimony of the power that members have. And what a difference it makes to work with them! All of the past baptisms here have been references from members, and truthfully it is the best way to do mission work! 

The work here in Chichi is slowly but surely starting to increase! and we are finding more and more people to teach. The challenge still is with the members who have word of wisdom and chastity problems. But thses are big problems that i know are not overnight changes. But I am excited for this week to see what happens with these new people that we have found. Excited to see this branch continue to grow and to continue to be a part of inviting and helping people come unto Christ!

Los quiero mucho

Hermana Loo

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