Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Cambios and training!?
I finish my training tomorrow and i cannot believe how fast these three months with Hermana Peña have gone by. I could not have asked for a better trainer as she truly has helped me to learn and to grow. I will defintely miss her!

Thursday morning i received a phone call from the AP who told me that i will be A TRAINER! To say I was shocked would be a bit of an understament. There is only one Hermana coming into the field this transfer so i definitely thought that i would not be the one training! But as it turns out I am. Out of all the Hermanas in the field i will be the only one training. I do feel really inadequate and worry about my Spanish and if I know enough to do this and to train. But I know that with the help of the Lord I will be able to o this.

There is a quote from the last confernece in April, and i cannot remember who said it but it is amazing and said something like.

¨Alone we are amazing, tiogether with the Lord we are unstoppable¨

I know that as i put my trust in the Lord he will help me be an example and the trainer i need to be. That I will also grow and learn the things that will help me both on my mission and as well as after!

We had a training meeting on Friday with President Smith and his wife. It was both really amazing and also nerve wracking as president Smith told all of us trainers that the success of the mission was in our hands and that this calling to be a trainer is more important than any other calling in the mission! ahhh! As if i wasnt nervous enough already.

But it was really cute because both President and Hermana Smith were really concerned with me and making sure that i was comfortable and always wanted to know how i was feeling, I guess that is what happens when you are the only Hermana surrounded by 21Elders!

But President Smith told me not to worry because I was called by the Lord to do this and that i would be great! Which made me feel a little bit better. But I just want to know who my new companion is going to be and if she is going to be American or Latina. I am hoping for Latina so that she can help me with my Spanish!

Thought that I would just share some random thoughts about Guatemala;

- My area San Cristobal is really famous here in Guatemala, but only becuase it is a big area for witchcraft. I have met quite a few people who say that there husbands, or mothers or whatever are witches. Which is kind of creepy

- I sent a picture of cows walking in the street, becuase they are literally everywhere. One day Hermana Peña and i decided to count how many we saw in one day and it was a number around 30!

- The culture here in Xela is really man based. And what I mean is that the men here think that they rule everything, which means that they dont really do much of the work. They are free to really do whatever they want without any real punishment

- there is a market here in San Cristobal every Sunday and it is huge! Which makes it really hard to walk in the street on Sunday and also to get investigators to church as they are almost all working in the market on Sunday, where they get most of their money for the week

- The women here dress in traditional clothing called ¨corte¨ and carry things on their heads.

- San Cristobal is a really poor area, a lot of the people here dont have much money and barely have enough to get them through the week

- You eat tortillas or tamalitos with nearly every meal. The tradition food here in San Cristobal is like yellow rice and like chicken in sauce, dont really know how to explain that.

- THere are dogs and cats everywhere! And some of them, if not most of them bite! So you really have to be cautious of them while walking in the street!

That is all i can think of right now! But as i remember more i will write about them so you all can know a little bit more!

Two quotes that i heard this week that I absolutely loved!

¨We are not obedient becuase we are blind, we are obedient because we can see,¨  - Boyd K, Packer

¨I made this rule; when the Lord commands, DO IT!¨    - Joseph Smith

Love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! Share the gospel with everyone and anyone, it is something that the Lord has commanded us to do! We are so blessed to have this gospel in our lives! Be unafraid to open your mouth and share it!

La amo mucho!

Hermana Loo

Keren y Rebeca
yo. Hermana Peña y Hermana Marcheschi  
Noche de Hogar con la familai Sapon y Juarez Flores 
yo y Hermana Peña, nuestro ultimo domingo.... que triste! 
Yes... cows just walking in the street.
I think this has become a normal thing for me.
To the point where if I dont see a cow walking on the street then that isnt normal!
Hermana Peña bought me a cake to celebrate my four months
of being out on the mission field as well as being called to be a trainer.
Side note Hermana Peña got called to be a hermana leader also!
Had a stake activity to celebrate dia de los niños,
which is like fathers or mothers day but for niños.
Ashley (Talaitupu) was a cow for the musical number my branch was going to preform! 
Yo, Hermana Raquel y Hermana Peña

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