Monday, October 27, 2014

Buscando.... Buscando.... Buscando!

First of all I want to wish a Happy Birthday to literally the most amazing, beautiful, kind, faithful, humble, and loving mom! How blessed I am to have such a wonderful example in my life, for the wonderful blessing it is to have her as my mom!

Noche de Talentos
Thursday we had an activity in the church that we as missionaries had planned. It was a night of talents where those who wanted to danced, sang, or acted. It was a lot of fun to see everyone show off their talents.

And would you believe it... I actually participated! jajajaja but only because Hna. Raquel wanted Hna. Canales and I to sing with her. And how could I say no.... how could I not let all the latinos here know that I basically sing like Beyonce jajaja

But i am still really in shock that i got up in front of people and actually sang. I felt like MomiLei! But seriously give mad props to MomiLei for her singing and being unafraid to do so and by herself! I was so nervous and scared. But I did it and I dont think that it was totally horrible hahaha

Well from my blog last week I was super excited as well are really shocked when Guisela said that she wanted to be baptized! And her baptismal date was for Saturday. But as I called her on Tuesday to talk with her about her baptism and start to plan things out for it, she told me that she wasnt going to be baptized on Saturday! ahhhh.... I was really dissapointed but really not at all shocked or suprised. 

She told me that baptism is a sacred thing, and that she could not be baptized into the church while she was still attending another church. That she needs to first leave her church and then she can be baptized. But that is really hard considering that she lives with her dad, who is a pastor or something in a differnt church, and that he has threatened her that she can not get baptized into our church. So please keep her in your prayers. That she will have the strength she needs to not have her fear control here but to have faith.

I know that it will take time with her. But we will continue to work with her and build her testimony in the church!

I will just say that we really need new people to teach! And so this week we did a ton of contacting! But really with no success! Almost all of the people that we contacted either lived in a different area, or were really just not interested at all. Also there is really never anyone on the street. And half of the people that are on the street start running away when they see us walking jajajajaja! ahhhh! we just want to share the gospel with you! 

But it was a little frustrating as well as my companion is really shy and doesnt like saying anything when we are contacting! But i understand that she is new and that it will come with time. Becuase when i first started my mission i didnt want to talk with anyone, let alone people who I have never met before in my life. So i am just trying to be patient and give her as many opportunities as i can to have her initiate the contact.

But this week was been really frustrating becuase of this, not finidng anyone to teach. And none of the member have references for us as well. Which is really hard to try and get them involved in the work. 

But although this week was challenging, I know that all of this is part of the mission. That there will be good times as well as harder times. But that is part of the mission and that every trial that i face is because I need to learn something. As well as the Lord knows that I am ready to learn and to grow, to try to become more like our savior.

I did find myself more on my knees this week and with a prayer constantly in my heart. More than i ever have in my entire life. And maybe that is the most important thing i learned this week, and why i had this trial. To learn to rely on the Lord, to realize that this is His work, His way. That i am but the instrument in His hands.

However, Sunday sitting in church I did come to the realization that the Lord had heard all of my prayers, and answered them! As I realized that we have a ton of potential investigators. We just need to visit with them and have more contact. And towards the end of this week we also recevied quite a bit of refrencias from a member! The Lord really had heard my prayers and has given us new people to contact this week and to teach! 

I read this quote this week and thought that it applied perfectly to the challenges that i had this week.

¨It is not our part to control all the storms of the sea, but to dilifgently and patiently man our vessel¨

We all face challenges, but when we are patient, diligent, and work through all of challenges, with the help of the Lord we will realize that all of our challenges come from Lord, we will realize that sooner than later the storm will pass, and we will find ourselves stronger, more diligent, more faithful servants of the Lord. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve a mission! To serve the people here! To learn and to grow! To become more like my Savior!

I am so thankful for each and everyone of you and for you prayers! I love you all so much and am so thankful for all of your examples!

La quiero Mucho!

Hermana Loo

Noche de Talentos 
A lot of the people here dont have water in there houses to bathe and to wash there clothes.
So there are several of these called ¨tanques¨.
Where they come to shower and wash there clothes.
And unlike me in my house, the water is actually hot!
The Catholic church... 
Hna. Raquel and I ... 
I am a little sad becuase she left to Guate this week and will be gone for three months... 
so she wont be able to go with us to teach...

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