Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Tough and Challenging Week!

Happy Halloween! I hope that you all had a great time and ate lots of candy, but not to much! hahaha

I also had someone tell me taht I was friendly this week! Who would have ever thought hahahaha! What has this mission done to me hahahaha!

But this week was another tough one, but a bit better than the last! But I know that everyting that I go through out here on the mission is for my own benefit. For me to learn and to grow, to become the disciple of Christ that He needs me to be!

Tuesday afternoon, Hermana Canales and I had to go to Guate for her visa, and we didnt return until late Wednesday night. Which meant 4 hours on a bus to go to Guate and then another 4 to return to Xela! It was a lot of waiting and sitting around, which was really boring. I just wanted to go out and work. And we had so many appointments on Tuesday, but because we were in Guate didnt get to go to. Which really I didnt like at all. But that was two days of working that we lost. And just not ideal, in a time when we dont have very many investigators! So that was a little frustrating. 

Friday we had a member give us quite a few refrencias! Which was an answer to my prayers! And as soon as he had finsihed giving is these refrencias he offered to go out with us and contact all of the people that he had just given us! What a blessing that was! He is seriously so awesome and has such a love for missionary work! It is so energizing to see, whenever we visit for lunch it is all he wants to talk about. And has so many questions for us as well as advice to help us with our problems that we have. 

But through him we were able to find a new investigator who is really promising, She has a ton of questions about the church and is so open to learning more!

The Lord really answered my prayers through Hermano Byron, who was so willing to go out with us to contact people that he knows and thinks would be interested in the gospel!

Halloween and el Dia de los Muertos
Well part of the reason that this week was so hard was because of Halloween and November 1st, which is the day of the dead here. And because of this there is hardly anyone in their houses! Which makes it really hard to visit and teach people! And you cant do much contacting when everyone is in the cemetery for the day of the dead!

This week everyone had flowers! Becuase they go to the cemetery at midnight to put flowers on the graves of those who have died. THey also put food and drinks on graves, because supposedly on this day the dead are allowed to leave and visit their homes, and i guess they get hungry? I dont know the traditions here are really different then the states hahahaa

But there are also flowers leading up to everyones doorsteps so that the dead. supposedly, can find there way back to their homes....

Anyways it was just really hard to find people to talk to and visit and teach. It also didnt help that it was fast sunday and there was a ton of food everyone that smelled and looked so good!

But also becuase San Cris is really well known for withcraft, a lot of the members were telling me stories of how the people here offer human sacrifices, which was kind of freaky! But I also knew that nothing would happen as long as i listened to the Spirit!

The rainy season here in Xela is coming to an end, and so here comes the cold! The weather right now is seriously so weird! It is cold in the morning, in the afternoon it is hot and the sun is always out, but then at night it is freezing! And there is always wind! I dont think that I have ever seen so many kites in my life.

But what is even cooler is to see all the homemade kites that the kids here make, and how intricate and extravagant they are! Almost no one has a TV in their house, or money to pay to have the TV on all the time. So the kids here have to find their own ways to entertain themselves. And right now that is making their own kites. But the kites they make are amazing! so colorful and full of design! It is awesome to see!

I have really come to be grateful for so many things since being here in Xela. I am so grateful for my parents and for their hard work and dedication to give me everything that they have given me. I am grateful for the stable home that i have, for parents who love eachother and our family. That will do everything and anything for our family! I have also come to be grateful for toilet paper, more than one pair of shoes and clothes, carpet jajajaja and guranteed hot water!

I love being on a mission and continue to learn and to grow. I can only hope that i use these 18 months to the best of my ability. TO be able to look back and have no regrets, but also be able to realize all that i have been able to acheive and become. I pray daily to be the disciple that my Savior knows and needs me to be!

I love you all and am so thankful for all of your prayers! You are all always in my thoughts and i pray for you daily!

La quiero bastante!
Hermana Loo


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