Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Familia Saenz (or signs)
This is the giant family of 10 kids, who moved here from the states like 3 years ago...

Last Monday we had a FHE with them all, and it was in English jajaja so that was a lot different then anything that I have been used to for a year or so jajaja but it was a very interesting lesson. Mostly because the dad was giving the lesson and basically to us, my companion and I.

And the topic was marriage and family, he basicallyt ended up telling us that we need to go home after the mission, get married and have a lot of kids jajajaja umm ok.. it was interesting to say the least.

But the family came to church again this Sunday, everyone except the dad so we still have a lot of work to do with him. Slowly but surely! We will get him back to church!

This week, as is usual on the mission, we also had a lot of investigators reject us. Telling us that they are fine in their churches and dont want to change or even pray to find out of the message we share or the church is true. So that was sad, but just means that we got to find more people who the Lord has prepared, which requires a lot of work. But work that I am ready and willing to do!

Maria Isabel (Titi)
So, I dont know if you guys remember but at the end of my blog letter last week I talked about a chick who had called us while we were writing, telling us taht she wanted to meet with us. Well, this week we had two lessons with her and she came to church and honestly she is just pilas!

She is 20 years old and a medical student, but she is just soaking everything in! She is one of those golden or dream investigators! SO far, we have taught her The Restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she understood it all perfectly! At the end of the lesson she was asking what she had to do in order to be baptized and at the end said, "oh okay, then the 1st of August I am going to get baptized" (in Spanish of course jajaja) WHAT! She set her own baptismal date!

In our second lesson, when asking her if she was reading the Book of Mormon she just laughed and said yes, and then we asked her if she was praying to know if it was true and she talked about the feelings that she gets when she reads and prays and that she knows it is true! ahhh! well, that was fast! The Lord has definitely prepared her!

We have talked about the temple a lot with her and everytime we do her eyes litteraly just light up! I swear, sometimes I think that she is going to cry! She loves the fact that one day she will be able to enter into the temple and that she can have an eternal family!

She also asked us about music and if she could have a copy of the church music that we listen to as missionaries and if she could take us out to lunch jajajaja she is so sweet and has such a special and tender spirit!

Her family isnt very happy with her that she is listening to us and coming to church. And so they have taken away her car, and wont allow her to use it if she is coming to meet with us! But you know what! She came to our second lesson walking! And she lives far away! and came to church too, walking! Chose coming to church over a birthday party in her family! She is amazing, did i say that already??

We also ended up talking a lot about the mission with her and she was asking us when we would probably be leaving the area, and when my companion told her the 4th of August all she said was "well then that is good that I am getting baptzied the first of August!" jajajaja

I was so sad to leave Chichi and all the work that I did there behind, but the Lord sent me here for a reason and because we were able to find Titi it has all been worth it!

I just want to let you all know how much I love you! How grateful I am for each of you and for what a blessing it is to have you in my life. Thank your for you support and prayers! THey are felt!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

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