Monday, July 6, 2015


So, this week was a lot better. We had interviews with President Smith on Wednesday, which always make me so nervous. But it was good, and I left the interview with a lot more energy to go out and teach. We contacted a lot of people this week and as a result we have a lot of return appointments for this week. So we are progressing and the work is picking up! 

...And that is a crazy lady
So we contacted this one lady on the street who is probably in her mid 50´s and she told us to come and visit her so we did Thursday afternoon. We had planned to teach lesson 1, the Restoration, but as we met with her and started getting to know her she talked about her brother who passed away earlier this year. So we decided to change the subject and talk about the Plan of Salvation.

Well, as we start talking about the Plan of Salvation we talk about the premortal life, and my companion asks her if she remebers it and she says that she does... umm what! Actually no one remembers it. and so I then ask her what it is like. and she just starts to close her eyes and lift up her hands and talk about how it is beautiful and no one wants to come to the earth once they have lived there.. umm, yeah exactly the reason as to why we go through a veil and dont remember the premortal life.. crazy lady

Then as we are talking with her about Adam and Eve she talks about how it was good that they ate of the fruit because if not we would all be walking around here naked and there would be a lot more babies in the world jajaja she was litteraly so crazy! The people you meet in Guatemala...

Fam. Poroj
So as you know, I am finally in an area where i have lunches. But there is this one family here who always wants to have us over for lunch. Even though they dont have very much money at all. Like they are poor, like sometimes they dont have any food in there house, not a single egg!

But, they always love to have us over for lunch. And the Hermana was explaining to us that it is because whenever we come over for lunch there house is always filled with food, and then next day, there is nothing. But when they feed the missionaries there is always plenty of food. It was a cool thing to hear!

Also, they have this daughter who is like 15 years old, half my size, but thinks that she could beat me up jajajaja and just because she has grown up with brothers. It made me laugh and all I could think was.. umm you dont even know! jajaja

Fam. Signs
So this famly is actually from the states, they moved here to Guatemala 3 years ago, so they all speak perfect english. Anyways, are a family of 12 but inactive. Apparently they dont like the way that the bishop directs the ward so they dont come to church. And whenever anyone goes over to visit them or try to talk with them they dont let anyone in! Elders, the missionaries that were here before me, members of the bishopric, no one!

My companion and I were the first ones ever! So we had a small lesson with them, and when we went back to visit them the hermana told us that she would like to have us over for lunch! What! Miracle! I was in shock, and they even invited us to have a FHE with them tonight! It was just so crazy! And you know what, on Sunday... they ALL came to church! For the first time in years! It was a miracle! 

So, I am slowly but surely getting used to being here in Xela. It is a big change but I am getting to know the area and members better. But I am excited for this week, excited to see what we can get going here. In fact, just a few minutes ago a friend of a member who came to church last week called us and told us that she wants to visit with us! So that was super exciting!

Thank you all so much for you support and prayers! It means the world to me that I have such a strong support system of people who have such strong testimonies of this gospel. I love being a missionary and love the things that I have learnt!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

p.s. sorry, there are no photos this week because i left the cord for my camera in the house.. until the next! lo siento.

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