Monday, July 27, 2015


So like I said in my last email, the rainy season has officially begun here. It is so hot here during the day and then in the late afternoon it just starts pouring! 

Tuesday night while we were walking to an appointment, i swear that a lightning bolt flashed right in front of us! It was crazy! And so bright! It was also kind of scary. I dont know how close it really was to us but it blinded both my companion and I for a second or two.

So President Smith called us this week to tell us that Friday afternoon his grandaughter would be leaving to go on visits with us. Both my companion and I were so scared thinking that she was going to be like his spy or something jajajaja but everything of course turned out just fine.

Alicia is 14 years old and a short little thing. I couldnt help but think as we were walking with her that it was like I was with MomiLei going out to teach lessons and tract. We were able to do a little bit of everything with her, get rained on, get rejected and teach a lesson. You know, missionary work jajaja

in fact, during one lesson we had a crazy dude try to convince us that prophets dont exist and that they are no longer needed, but then he went on to say that God doesnt change. So he was a bit lost and confused. He accepeted a Book of Mormon so hopefully he will read and learn from it.

So, everyone always wants to know how Titi is doing jajaja and of course she is doing just great! Her baptism is set for this Saturday and she is both excited and nervous.

Of course, as her baptism date approaches she is being faced with more and more adversity. For example,her mom is not happy at all that she is attending church and being baptized. HEr mom even called some catholic people to come over and visit her this week, asking her why she wasnt coming to church and why she was attending a church that isnt true. But she continues to hold true to what she knows and to continue to strengthen her testimony. But please continue to pray for her! Her mom has totally taken her car away so she is starting to use the busses even though she has never used the before. But she doesnt even care, she is just so happy that she has the gospel in her life! such a great example to me!

It was funny though, on Tuesday we had a FME (NDH) with her and another family. We planned on talking about tithing and fasting and as we started talking about fasting Titi just gave a little chuckle, and when we asked her what happened, she told us, "I already fasted" jajaja what! She is amazing! And on Sunday she even paid her tithing! Even though she isnt even a member yet!

But, I am so excited for Titi and know that this gospel is just going to bless her life so much! She already has such a strong testimony and i know that she will continue to bless the lives of all those around her! I am so excited for her baptism this Saturday!

I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your support, prayers and love! They are felt, even though I am miles away!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

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