Monday, July 20, 2015

Ups and Downs

Titi (Maria Isabel)
So Titi, our golden investigator, is still progressing and rapdily. Honestly I feel like my companion and I arent doing anything at all, we are just teaching the lessons but she already knows them and understands. She has had a lot of friends who are members and has been able to learn from them. So this just goes to show how important our examples are to all those around us! We honestly, never know who is watching!

So this week we got things a little more planned out for her baptism, she was eager to know everything! The time, place and what she needed to bring and wear! She is so sweet and just has a amazing spirit! The Lord really has prepared her to receive the gospel! She told us this week that her family, her mom especially is starting to soften up a bit, although she still doesnt want anything to do with the church. Titi invited her to the baptism but her mom told her that she would not be attending anything that had to do with the church, her baptism or wedding. Nothing! Her dad, who lives in the states, is supporting her and even has the desire to read the Book of Mormon as well!

But Titi is just great! She is basically a member! Inviting everyone to her baptism yesterday, and for her to attend church we dont have to call her and remind her or anything like that. She just comes! I know that the Lord is pushing forth His work and that He is preparing people all around us! Titi was a reference from a member, so I encourge all of you to look at the people that surround you and pray to know who is ready and waiting to receive the gospel!

Ya me enferme...
So this week, i unfortunately got sick. I think that this new change of being in an area where we get fed everyday is doing some weird things to my stomach. I mean for a year i was basically used to eating eggs and beans everyday and being on a forced diet. But it was just awful! I had chills, wanted to throw up, body aches and a major headache. 

So Tuesday and Wednesday in the afternoon we went to the house so that i could sleep it off. I am feeling way better now and dont feel sick at all! my companion told me that i was like a bear in hibernation because I just slept all afternoon and didnt get up or out of bed until the next morning, that is how awful i felt.

its raining, its pouring
Okay, so the rainy season now has offically start. Everyday around 2 or 3 it starts pouring down rain! and I mean pouring! Huge drops of rain and lately is has also been hailing! Just another lovely part of being in the mission, is being used to being soaking wet all day and just going with it!

It was funny though, because one day we ran into the elders, who were on divisions with the zone leaders, and the zone leader that was with the elder from my area goes home in December with me. Well, about the time that we start walking, it starts pouring, and like typical elders they are not prepared, without jackets or umbrellas, so they just get soaked. This elder only looks at me, smiles and says only four more months jajajaja crazy!

So this week i learnt that there are a lot of ups and downs in the mission as well as in life. Ups and downs that we may not understand but that are all a part of our personal and spiritual progress. A lot of times we may not understand why we are going through all that we are going through, but we do have to just trust in the Lord. Keep our eye on Him and push through, knowing that the Lord knows us better then we know ourselves and that we are to learn and to grow from everything that we experience. Know that Christ himself is right along side us, carrying us in those times of difficulty. And when we push through and perservere we will be able to look back, smile and thank the Lord for everything that He has done to help us reach our divine potential! We should not let a day go by when we are not progressing spiritually!

I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support! It means the world to me!

have a great week, know that I am thinking and praying for you all always!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

sorry... no photos, need to get better at taking them! 

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