Monday, June 29, 2015

New Area and New Adventures

So, everyone has just been asking about where I am and who i am with that this weeks blog post is going to be basically dedicated to just that. Also because I feel like not to many eventuful things happened this week besides getting a new companion and area. Anyways...

Las Americas
So this is the name of my new area, I am in Xela, so I am in the city and it is 100% different then the last two areas that I have been in.

For on, we get fed lunch everyday. And this is just totally new and different for me. Now I am just hoping that I dont get fat jajajaja because we just cant have any of that! Also, I will now be able to go to Walmart once a month jajaja sorry dad...

The temple is in my area. And before the Hnas in Xela were assigned a day to go and work in the temple every week. Which I was super excited for, since we only get to go to the temple every 6 months, i was excited to just be able to be on temple grounds. But of course, as my luck would have it, as soon as I get to an area in Xela Pte. Smith changes the rule and now Hnas will no longer be allowed to work in the temple... puchica!

But the people here in my area are just made of money! Like I think that I am in one of the richest areas here in Xela! The houses here are giant and so nice. Definitely different from Chichi or San Cris where a lot of the house that we entered in were dirt floor. Here in Las Americas it is totally different! In fact, most houses here have intercoms as doorbells, which makes contacting nearly impossible. Because the people ALWAYS just hang up on us or tell us that they are busy and dont want or need us to come and visit them. Puchica!

I feel like here I am starting from scratch. Especially because we dont have any investigators progressing or with baptismal dates. So we have a lot of work ahead of us.

I am also in a Ward, with a sacrament meeting attendance of around 210 people. So not Chichi at all with only 70. Bu the attendence at church neither goes up or down. But just stays the same, what I could see yesterday is that the members are pretty set in their ways. The bishop doesnt really work with the missionaries and doesnt want us wokring with less actives or recent converts. Which I am sorry, i will just not be doing. ALso, the members here dont really have much motivation to go and do visits with us or give us references. But I think that this also has to do with the fact that a lot of them dont know their neighbors... which is weird. Anyway, there is a lot of work to do here!

If there is anything else you want to something that I missed let me know!

Mi CompaƱera
My companion is Hermana Garcia. She is from Mexico D.F. and has 11 months here on the mission, she is about to complete a year. But we actually came in the same group but because I was in the CCM for 6 weeks and she was only there for 2 I have a month more then here. She is a convert to the church, her mom was a less active member when she was baptized and her dad isnt a member.

SHe has been in this area since January so she knows the members and the area pretty well. She wants to work and I feel like she has the desire to. She is great. But definitely not as crazy or as fun as Hna. Aguilar, but we are getting used to eachother and I am excited to see what we can accomplish here!

Xela Oeste
So I am always in a new zone, and on Wednesday we had our distrcit meeting but it was just to funny because all of the Hnas that are in my district were just saying things like, "no way you are hna Loo, I have heard so much about you" and " everyone loves you" and "so you are the famous Hna. Loo" jajaja it was just to funny. and then when i got up to bear my testimony everyone was just shocked at my spanish and one Hna even asked her companion if I was a Gringa or Latina jajaja woohooo 100% chapina! jajaja

Well, that pretty much sums up everything. If there is anything that I missed or anything that I missed or any additional information that you want le me know! 

I love you all! I wouldnt be able to do any of this without you guys!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

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