Monday, June 15, 2015

Move on and Move forward

So this week was another hard one. Really this entire transfer has just been really hard. My companion and I have been having a lot of ups and downs, although it seems like a lot more downs then ups. But I also know that this is part of the mission and life. And that the work that I am doing is the Lords and in His way and His time.

On a fun note, the elders, my companion and I with recent converts had a bonfire this week. Where we had hot dogs and s´mores. Although the s´mores werent traditional s´mores because graham crakcers dont exist here so we had to use different crackers that just werent the same jajaja but it was a lot of fun and good to just relax and joke around with all of them! Take my mind off of the struggles that we are having.

One year!
So, this week I hit my one year mark! WHich was exciting and the time has passed by super fast! To celebrate i thought that I would eat real food jajaja so we went over to a members house and ate BBQ ribs, rice and salad which was so good! Oh how I miss food jajaja

The elders bought a cake, and even though it wasnt my birthday they sang to me and then as is tradition hear in Guatemala, as I went to take a bite out of the cake they smashed my face into the cake jajajaja awesome!

Always a new and funny story with contacting, something always happens that just cracks me up! For example, this week while we were contacting we contacted this old lady who barely spoke Spanish mostly Quiche and so we were attempting to talk to and understand her. We were asking her questions about her life and then we in turn were asking questions to get to know her! But it was just to funny! She was asking us where we were from and when I went to tell her that I was from the states she just said, "Mentirosa" which means liar jajaja she didnt believe me! And then her grandson came and actually believed that I spoke Quiche jajaja ya no... I wish! But it was just to funny! At almost everything we said she responded "mentirosa" jajaja I dont know if she just didnt understand us at all or if she really did think that we were lying. Whatever it was it was just to funny.

Moving forward and growing
So like I said, my companion and I have just been having a really hard time this transfer in finding people to teach who really want to hear what our message or that are going to follow through with there commitments. It has just been really hard.

As my companion and I were talking about this yesterday we realized that our success may be in a different way. For example. when I first got here to Chichi the sacrament meeting attendance was like 30 people or less and now we are seeing more members coming to church more frequently and the church attendance has gone up. Where there are now 50 to 70 people coming to church every Sunday! And this Sunday 4 of the less active/inactive members we visited came to church. Although I would love to see baptisms I guess, if nothing else, I am coming to realize that this is the Lords work and in His way and that the Lord works in different ways through different people.

I hope that everyone had a great week! Know that you are all always in my thoughts and prayers! I cannot thank each and everyone of you for your support and love! It means the world to me! 

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

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