Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!

Wow! Is it really already June! How are we already half way through the year! To crazy!

"Yo Soy"
Just thought that I would share with you something funny that happened this week. While we were contacting a house this week, my companion goes to introduce herself and says "mucho gusto. Yo soy hna. Loo" jajajaja I dont know why she said that, but the funny thing is that this is the second time! jajaja

Contacting Testigos?
So on Wednesday, my companion and I leave the house and head to an appointment that we had with a less active member. No sooner did we leave the house, when we see two jehovah´s witnesses walking our way. Here in Chichi is it a really common thing to see a ton of JW´s. In fact, a ton of people get us confused and always think that we are JW´s.

Anyways, usually the JW´s are not friendly at all, however the two we saw this day were new and what do you know! They asked us if they could share a message with us and we said that it would be okay. 

They then proceeded to ask is who controls the world?? and we answer God.. to which they quite frankly tell us that we are wrong and that the devil actually controls the world jajaja they then proceeded to share a couple of scriptures with us but from there bible...

My companion and I thought that it was so funny that they think that the Devil controls the world. How can that be if God created the world, and if the devil controled the world why would he allow them to be here in Chichi preaching what they believe... it was funny.

In the end, my companion and I asked if we could share a message with them and gave them a pamphlet of the Restoration. Who knows if they actually read it or not...

Katerine is 11 years old, and has been attending church for like 3 years, and so desperatley wants to be baptized but her mom never gives her permission to do so. No matter how many times she asks.

Tuesday we went to go and talk to the mom to see if we could get permission.. unfortunately the mom said no, although she did gives us permission to start teaching her the lessons. Something that she has never done before and quite honestly a miracle in itself.

So Kariely is the sister of a less active member, i dont know if you guys remember, but the dad is inactive and a returned missionary?

Anyway, my companion and I this week were talking about whether or not we needed to leave Kariely behind because she wasnt really progressing because she could never come to church. Or the dad never gave her permission to come.

Sunday morning her mom called us telling us to come by and take her to church! yes! The dad never came home so she took it as an opportunity to send Kariely to church! IT was great! An answer to my prayers!

Eddy (Eduardo Alejandro)
So this is the investigator that we have been teaching for a little over a month now. And on Saturday we had a lesson with one of the members from the ward as well as the elders, who decided to come with us.

We went in with the lesson plan to talk about how he could recognize the spirit and that he has received an answer that what we are teaching is true. Because he has changed a lot since we have started teaching him!

The spirit was really strong during the lesson and he himself was able to understand that he has received an answer. At the end of the lesson he told us that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and wants to be a missionary like us! Even though he is 37 years old jajajaja But he has the desire to share the gospel.

And if he comes to church the next two sundays he will be baptized on the 20th! Which my companion and I are really excited for! Please keep him in your prayers!

Thank you for all for your love and prayers!

Hermana Loo
With the Itzep family. Remember that I told you guys that the dad had died unexpectedly leaving the mom with her 7 kids. This is the family that doesnt have a lot and that when they moved houses all that they had fit into the back of a small pickup! 

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