Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Power of the Fast

Random Acts of Service
So, This week we had kind of an interesting experience providing service for an elderly lady in a wheelchair...

So my companion and I had just left the house after lunch and were walking up to go to the center of town, when we see this lady just parked on the side of the street in her wheelchair. SHe waves us down and asks us to go and buy her tortillas, and gives us the money to do so. So we go and buy the tortillas and come back to give them to her and shen then proceedes to ask her if we can push her to the center of town.

The thing about the streets here is that they are anything but level and to get to the center of town from where we were requires us to walk up and somewhat steep hill. My companion pushes her throughout the flat part of the hill and then asks me if I can push her up the hill jajaja of course.... as soon as I start pushing this little old lady only says " you are really strong, a lot stronger then the other one" jajaja

So, while I am pushing her up the hill, Hna. Aguilar goes to contact another lady that is walking besides us and this lady tells us that this lady who we are helping to push up the hill in her wheel chair can walk! jajaja are you kidding me! jajaj here I am dying pushing her up this hill jajaja Gotta love Guatemala!

So Chabela is an investigator that we have had for some time now. She is really active in the church that she attends but always accepts us and listens to us. Not to long ago we taught her the Restoration and she was so interested in everything we were saying, asking a ton of questions, and at the end she gave the prayer, asking God to help her to know what path she should be on.

Well, we went to go and visit her this week and she told us that she is not ready and that she cannot leave the calling that she has in her church. It was so sad! Especially because my companion and I both felt that she knew that what we were sharing and teaching is the truth. And she basically said herself that she knows that it is true but doesnt want to or is just not ready to accept it... 

So this week has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission! At the end of the week my companion and I were just feeling a little frustrated and a little disanimated with everything that was going on here. Mostly because we are working our butts off, working with the members, contacting every person we see on the street and are just not seeing the results that we desire. This week we had a TON of people reject us, a ton of people cancel their appointments with us and are just not having a lot of people that are progressing or coming to church! So it has been a little frustrating! 

As you know, this week was fast sunday. And my companion and I both dedicated in praying to know what is haltering our success. The things that we are doing that are not allowing us to see the fruits of our labors. And you know what your prayer was 100% answered!

On Sunday, i asked our ward mission leader what we could do and he asked if we wanted to have our correlation meeting and of course my companion and I both responded YES!

Well during this meeting we got talking about the things that we were doing and what he though that we could change. And litterally everything he said spoke to us! And there are some things that we need to change. For example, we dont need to be so worried about numbers, but focus more on people! And try to gain a little bit more of their confidence! 

If anything, Sunday I was able to really gaina a testimony of the power of the fast and that God really does hear and answer our prayers! And although this week was hard I am looking forward to this new week and putting into practice the revelation I received and things that I learned Sunday!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

lunch with my zone 
Wow!!! Thats a BIG care package...
Suprise dinner for the president of the Branches birthday Friday! 

This is the way that almost all the people here carry heavy things. putting a strap around the object and then fastening it to their head. If this makes any sense.. i will try to take better pictures. But this little old lady is litterally like 80 years old! 

And... my novio Alfredo jajajaja

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