Saturday, June 27, 2015

La ultima semana en Chichi....

Cleaning Checks
So, the mission has this new thing that every Monday before changes or like a week before the last Monday of the chages we have "Super Lunes Limpio" were we have to deep clean the houses that we are in. And so last monday was super lunes limpio and on tuesday one of the older couples came to check the house.

To say that they were amazed would be an understatement, they were just shocked at how clean it was and how organized everything was jajajaja it was just to funny. In fact the elder even went so far as to say that is was the cleanest apartment that he had ever seen in his entire life jajaja to funny...

Contacting druggies
So we went to go and visit this family that we had contacted last week, and who do we find standing in front of their door, none other then this middle aged dude drunked up and drugged up. It was scary at first but afterwards looking back it was actually kind of funny! 

He was standing in front of the door and we asked him if the family we were looking for was home and all he says is " I am the family" and then starts pointing to the wall telling us that this is family and his name.. umm what! 

Always a fun experience contacting jajaja

Edwin Monson
So we also had another great story while contacting this week. In fact it was the last door we contacted where we found this guy who is super prepared to receive the gospel. Not only was it great to meet this guy but it was also great lesson for me in learning about diligence. Because we found Edwin knocking on the last door of the street that we were contacting!

We talked to him for quite a long time and without us teaching him anythinga about the Restoration he tell s us that is there was and is only one Christ that there should only be one true church, that the fact that there are so many churches preaching so many different things is of the devil.. umm are you kidding me! And that the true church that Christ established was lost after He and His aposotles died! Puchica!

He also proceeded to tell us that it is a lie when people say that they dont have time to hear us or for us to visit them. That if it is something important to them that they will always make time! ugh! This guys was just plain pilas! And I was so excited to be able to teach him, but I guess Hna. Aguilar will have to start and finish it!

So, Gloria is an investigator that we have who is 100% progressing. She is the cutest thing and is 14 years old, so obviously we need permission from the mom to baptize her. The challenge is that Gloria´s mom only understands and speaks Quiche, and unfortunately I do not speak it. 

But this week we went with our Branch President, since he can speak Quiche, to talk to the mom. and as they are talking my companion and I are not understanding anything! But all we can see is a smile start to spread across Gloria´s face and her character totally change! And then the Branch president turns to us and says, "ya esta hnas..." jajajaja

WE GOT PERMISSION FROM THE MOM TO BAPTIZE GLORIA! And so her baptize is set for the 24th of July, of course, just as I am about to leave! But it was such a cool experience to see that spirit work within the mom and to see the light in Gloria´s eyes just shine when the mom gave us permission! 

The mom then proceeded to tell us that this is the first church that Gloria has attended where she feels comfortable. And on Sunday as we were heading to the church all she wanted to talk about was her baptism and when she could be baptized! It was amazing! And on Tuesday she is going to go on visits with the Young Women, to visit Less actives and she isnt even a memebr! ugh! Puchica! I am so excited for her, and although I will not be here for her baptism I know that the Lord has so much planned for her!

Well, yesterday I got the phone call that I have changes and will be leaving Chichi. I am so sad to be leaving and dont think that I will ever find an area or members quite like the ones that I have come to love here in Chichi. The news about leaving Chichi even brought me to tears! Yeah I know... I have changed jajajaja As hard as it has been and will be to say goodbye to the people here in Chichi I am also excited to see where my new area will be and meet the people there.

I love you all so much and am so thankful to have each of you in my life!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

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