Monday, August 24, 2015

Chicken Pox!

Chicken Pox!
So, Chicken pox seems to be going around Guatemala right now, as well as the mission! So far 2 elders have gotten in and I am so scared that I am going to be next!

On Wednesday we went and had lunch with this member and her daughter had chicken pox! ahhh why!? She just kept walking around and touching stuff and the lady that had made the lunch kept touching her daughter. I just felt so uncomfortable and was just freaking out! I do not want to have chicken pox! 

Like, just looking at this lady´s daughter made me feel ichy! So far, I dont have any signs of chicken pox and lets hope it stays that way! I am praying that I wont get it! That would just suck...

We have this investigator whose kids are just incredible, like so obnoxious and do not listen to her at all! It was funny though because we were trying to teach her the plan of salvation when she started talking about her kids and asking us how we think she should parent them.. kind of weird considering that we are so much younger then her and dont have kids... nevertheless we gave her our advice...

and really this experience just made me reflect on my childhood, on the things that my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all taught me and made me so grateful! Because I was able to look back and reflect upon so many positive experiences that I had.. even if they were 2 hour lectures from my dad jajajaja :)

But really, I am so thankful for my parents and for the way that they have raised me and helped me to become the person that I am today!

So of course everyone here thinks that I am latina.. okay but I am not.. and on Friday I was on divisions in the area of my hermana leader, and everyone also thought that I was Latina. Someone thought that I was from El Salvado and another thought that I was from Italy by the way that I talked jajaja what... apparently I sound Italian??? jajaja

But when i told them that I was from the states they then had to assume that my parents must have a latino background jajajaja negativo houston! to funny...รง

Freaking Chuchos!
Well, I once again have another dog story for you guys.. mom dont freak out jajaja

So there was this dog that was tied up and started barking at us, of course, we just ignore him and walked to the door of the house, the mom wasnt home and as we were leaving the dog just got even crazier.. and broke his chain and leash! It was crazy, so theis freaking dog comes charging at us, luckily he didnt bite me, but just snapped at my backpack that I  was using as a shield.  Then I threw a rock at it and it ran away. But I wil say that it scared me, and I realized that I hate dogs! 

Fam. Lopez Cux - This is one of the families that we found last week and had the opportunity to teach them once this week. It was a good lesson and the family has a lot of potential! They understood and sounded interested when we gave an introduction to the Restoration and we have an appointment with them this week to eat dinner and then have a FHE with them and another member family. so that should be good. They are open to hear and loved what we said, they are catholics but have always gone to different churches when invited to see what they believe!

Carlos- So Carlos was a reference from a member in my last area and Sunday we had the chance to contact and talk with him. And he also has a lot of potential to progress and accpet the gospel. When we were sitting down with him i just saw him in white clothes entering the baptismal font! I am excited to keep teaching him! Anyway, he wants to have a better realtionship with God and wants to search for Him. So now we gotta get him to turn this desire into action!

President Nelson
So, President Russell M. Nelson was supposed to come and speak to us tomorrow, but cancelled his trip because it was just to much. So that was a little disappointing, especially because we were all so excited for it. But instead we had a broadcast with him on Saturday from Honduras... and in the broadcast i saw my companion from the CCM, Hermana King! I was so jealous and wanted him to come so badly!

But it was a good broadcast and really interesting because almost the entire time he talked about the importance of Temples and doing Family History work, and finding people through these means and getting everyone to work with it! So that was really interesting, considering the fact that here in Guatemala, in Xela, there are not very many options to do family history work. So we are asking around about this a lot right now, trying to figure out what we can do to start following this counsel. 

He also talked a little bit about marriage, which freaked me out jajaja

But he said something that I really liked, he said, "The mission is obedience and covenant keeping training" That even though I may not understand all of the rules we have or the things that my mission president is asking me to do, the thing that I should understand is that he was and is called of God, and that he receives revelation for all of us. That althouhg I may not undertand the reason for every little thing, I should just trust, listen and obey.
The conference was really good and I learned a lot. President Nelson is a funny guy and now I am focused on putting the things in practice that he taught!

Well, i should probably apoligize right now for not haivng any pictures, kind of just slipped my mind. And the pictures that we did take are on somebody else´s camera who needs to send me them so that I can send them to you guys. But next week will be better, I promise! :)

I love you all so much! Hope that you have a great week! And that you enjoy your last week or two of summer.. if you are not in school yet jajaja

los quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo (Lulu, as everyone here calls me jaja)

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