Monday, August 31, 2015

Building the Lord´s Kingdom

Well, this week a lot of exciting and fun things happened with investigators or recent converts that I wanted to share with all of you..

Okay, honestly this chick is just so freaking amazing. I mean what? She has been baptized now for a month but she is already such a great missionary!

On Tuesday, we had lunch with a couple of elders, the elders that are in the office, and Titi goes to there ward, so they were asking me if I was the one who baptized her and telling me about all of the things that she has been doing to help their investigators.

Apparenty. these elders have an investigator that they have been trying to put a baptismal date with, and Titi totally helped them out! There investigator is a friend of Titi´s and apparently she saw photos of Titi´s baptism on facebook and asked her about her baptism and conversion. Later that week, Titi unexpectedly showed up at her friends house and took her to the temple, where she helped her choose her baptismal date! What! Are you kidding me! She is such a great missionary and member of the church! And such a great example to me of being truly converted to and loving this gospel!

Familia Perez Gomez
So, this family is one of the new families that I told you guys about. And this week we were finally able to have our first lesson with them. As we were sharing with them a little about our message the dad started talking to us, and was super interested in what we were sharing. He is Catholic and his wife is evangelic, but he wants them all to go to one church and be reunited as a family! well, PERFECT! That is exactly what this gospel does! Unite families!

He was asking why there are so many churches, how he can which one is true and which one he should go to with his family. We have more appointments with them this week so I am excited to see how they progress. Please pray for them!

Paolo and Jose Lima
So, these guys are 2 new investigators from this week. And they are two young guy, who we found contacting. But they dont go to a single church because they havent felt comfortable in anyone and feel like all the churches are just focused on money and nothing else. So we talked a little bit with them about the Restoration and they committed to come to church this Sunday! 

They have a lot of friends who are members and returned missionaries so they know a little bit about the gospel and wanted to know more about the church because of the examples that there friends had set for them. just goes to show that our examples, and the way we live the gospel go a long way in influencing the lives of all those around us.

Carlos Chamale
So, Carlos was a reference from a member in my old area, Las Americas. We contacted him last week and he had a lot of interest in the gospel and a TON of questions. We visited him yesterday and it was not any different. He had a lot of questions about how he can know if what we teach is true. We started teaching the Restoration and he understood it, he has a lot of knowledge of the church, because of member friends, and had his own Book of Mormon that he had already read a little bit of. But he had a lot doubts that he wanted answers to, a lot of which my companion and I didnt even have the answers too. Like where exactly are all the cities that are talked about in the Book of Mormon. He had a lot of questions like this, and we just tried to help him understand that what is most important is having faith and asking God if the things that we taught him were true. So please keep him in your prayers too.

Oh, the joys of being a missionary
so, a bunch of random things happened this week that I thought I would share with you all...

1. Saturday night my companion ran into a stationed car jajaja like fully ran into it! It was nighttime and dark and she was texting, and didnt see it so just totally ran into it, it was so funny and I just started busting up laughing jajajaja that was my first reaction jajaja I am going to be just such a great nurse jajaja

2. We went to visit this less active member who lives up this crazy steep hill that I was dying trying to climb up, and when we asked her about it she said that it was easy for her and she can do it with like a basket full of fruit. Well that was embarassing was all i could think, a 75 year old lady is in better shape then I am jajaja

3. Friday night we were in a teaching appointment and heard THREE gunshots go off!!! And they were loud and close! So scary, we called the elders to come and pick us up! But nothing else happened after that , so dont worry mom :)

4. We were with this recent convert the other day, he is 15 years old and a lot shorter then me. But while we were just saying goodbye he like kept inching closer to me until he put his shoulder on my head, or at least tried to, he is shorter then me obviously jjajaja it was weird and I was just like, umm dude!? What are you doing!?

5. So elections for Guatemala are coming up this Sunday, and unfortunately we have to be in our houses by 4:30 on Sunday, but freak! These elections suck and are just blocking off all sorts of roads that make it really hard for us to get anywhere!

6. okay.. didnt exactly finish but my last point was about some elder that called us with medical problems. he was supposed to go pick up medicine and 500mg of some medicine, so he called us asking what he should do because the pharamcy only had 250mg of said medicine.. I was just like what! Are you serious! come on elder! 250 x 2 is 500! So freaking buy 2 pills! Oh my, I dont know how this whole nurseing thing is going to be jjaajaaj pray for me! jaja

Los Quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo
and a bus that was so full that kids were on top and hanging off the back.. Only in Guatemala

so the first photos were rellenitos, which are platanos stuffed with frijols. 

Making fish with our investigators.. familia Lopez Cux! 

Tacos with the familia Perez Garcia!


And this ironic dont throw trash here sign jajaja

this is my zone!

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