Monday, August 10, 2015

Nurse Loo...jajaja!

So, this is the name of my new area. And I am still here in Xela although this area is nothing like my last! But I already love it!

It isnt in the city, its a lot more suburb, but I dont know if you could even say that. Here there are both rich and poor. Its like city and aldeas. Nice houses, not so nice houses, and houses with dirt floors. So it is a little bit of everything which I love! It is HUGE!!!!! I mean there are a ton of fields, where they are growing corn. So we do a lot of walking! But I love it and it is just a gorgeous area. A lot of the time I forget that I am in Xela because it is nothing like my last area!

So I only got to enjoy having lunch everyday for only 6 weeks, cause here I am back to the same ol´ same ol´. Only lunch like twice a week. But I guess that will just make sure that I am skinny for when I come home jajajja :)

I am in a ward here, although it is a little smaller then my last one. But the members here i think are a lot more interested in working with us. So that should be good. 

I am still getting used to my area here. I am usually a little lost all the time jajajaa but it will come little by little. 

The zone that I am in doesnt get to go to walmart anymore.. bummer. But we do go to this other store, that I guess you could say is kind of like a safeway or albertsons? So I mean, i guess that is better then nothing, right?

Well, that is all that I can think of to tell you guys about my area, let me know if there is anything else you want to know!

So, as many of you know, I am now in a trio and have 2 new companions!

My first companion is Hermana Tolman, she is the current nurse right now, and is training me for when she leaves home, which is at the end of this next change! ahhh! But she is from Arizona. The oldest of her family and goes to BYU Idaho.

My second companion is Hermana Feliz, she is from the Dominican Republic but lives in Utah so she speaks english. And she is just so funny! She goes home the change before me!

so I am going to be killing both of my companions... puchica!

With both of my companions we just laugh a lot. Unfortunately, i am still taller then both of my companions jajaja I dont think that I will ever have a companion taller then me jajaja 

So, right now I am just learning from Hermana Tolman, on how to be a nurse. i will just have a special cellphone that all of the latino missionaries will call me on whenever they have problems.. yipee! jajaja

and then every week we have to go into the office and write out a report to send to the MPW telling her about all of the problems the missionaries had, like who called us with what problem. But it should be interesting. As I was listening to Hna Tolman on the phone with one of the elders I was just dying laughing, cause this elder like had so many problems and questions that he couldnt figure out that were just so simple, and I was just thinking oh dear, what am I going to do. I dont know if I am going to have a lot of patience with these elders. Or if when they call me with problems I am just going to tell them to , "be a man" and "rub some dirt in it" jajajaja I guess part of this calling was for me to learn to be a little more patient and compassionate jajaja

So, this week i had quite the scare. 

We were walking through the milpa (corn field) and walk past this house with this family outside, of course we talk with them for a bit, and as we are walking away, out of nowhere I feel something wrap itself around my leg, and realized that it is a freaking dog! I shake it off my leg and it starts barking at us! But the miracle was that even though it had its teeth around my leg it didnt bite me! I was so grateful for that and know that it was the protection of the Lord.

I know that the Lord protects His missionaries and servants. And that He also protects there families! I am so thankful for each of you and for the prayers that you always have for me and my safety! 

I love you all so much! Have a great week! Know that I am praying for you all!

Les quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo
and saying goodbye to Hna. peña! .. shes home now! 
my area! olinte!

going to a gravesite.. jajaja 

The crazy lady with her hand in the air jajaja we went to go visit the gravesite of her son who passed away and while we were singing and praying this crazy lady was like dancing with her hands in the air jajaja crazy people!  
celebrating my companions birthday! with a real breakfast! eggs, bacon and pancakes!!! we all just got out of bed so we look hideous.. but dont hate!

My companions and celebrating my companions birthday!

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