Monday, September 14, 2015

Believing and Serving

So, of course, some little random things happend this weke that I thought you would all enjoy.

1. If you guys remember, Titi was helping one of her friends make the decision to be baptized and she was the one who challenged her to a baptismal date. Well, this friend of Titi´s got bapitzed on Saturday! It was so exciting for me to hear and I thought that I would share it with all of you as well!

2. I had a member here tell me that I look like Katy Perry jajaja and I couldnt help but just start busting up laughing jajaja cause I am almost 100% sure that I look nothing like her jaja it was really funny though.

3. An investigator of ours this week told me that when she first met me she though that I was Italian, or that I was from Europe or something jajajaja and then when she found out that I was from the states she thought that I had some kind of Italian roots or something jajaja. And yesterday at church, one of the Young Women told me that she just realized that I wasnt Latina when she heard me talking in english to my comp jajaj to funny..

Lord, I Believe
In my last letter, I talked about one of our investigators Carlos, and how he was more interested in trying to find proof then exercising his faith and asking God. Well, we got a call from a recent convert this week who is friends with Carlos, and apparently Carlos had shown him a video explaining how the Book of Mormon contardicts the bible, and how now he had a lot of questions.

At first, I was really irritated and angry at Carlos for trying to destroy someone elses faith. But then as we were prepraing to go and teach this new convert and try to help him with his doubts. I realized that there is such an important lesson in all of this!

When we have questions, when doubts arise, where do we look for answers? Are we searching in the right places? Do we look for signs? Do we let our doubts chip away at our faith? Or do we search the scriptures? Ask for sincere help from the Lord?

There are so many people now days that just attack the chuirch. Attack its standards and look to attack its members. As the Lord is pushing His work forward, so is Satan preparing his army to fight against us.. Which is why it is so important for us to remember that when doubts and questions arise we are to hold on to what we do know and wait for additional light to come, as Elder Holland taught. And to remember that those who have faith, who earnestly strive to believe, will be those who receive more light and will have signs and miracles shown to them.

I would invite all of you to read the talk, "Lord, I Believe" by Elder Holland, I learned a lot from it this week and it really helped us with the doubts the recent convert had.

Serve or be served?
In the ward here in Olinte, they unexpectedly reorganized the bishopric, after having served for less then a year. And it was because the ward was having problems with the member supporting the bishop, they just didnt want to follow him.

The stake president gave a really great talk where he just kind of macheted everyone, but I also learned a lot. 

When we raise our hands to sustain the prophet, bishopric or any other leader we are promising to follow and support them. To trust that they are called of God and what they ask of us is what the Lord wants us to do.

That we should always remember that this church is a church of service. There are many times when we think that we have or deserve more privilege/rights then we have obligation. But it is exactly the opposite. We cannot expect or compalin when people dont visit us or greet us the way that we want them to when we are unwilling to do the same. We come and assist this church to serve and not be served. The Savior of the world did this Himself, so how can we expect to do anything different?

Then the stake president said something really interesting, he said that anyone who is not willing to take up his cross and follow Christ is not HIs disciple!

It was a really powerful talk and made me think a lot about the service that I provide. If I am serving or waiting to be served. And if I am doing the right kind of service witht the right kind of mindset.

This week was just another one of those weeks that me me reflect a lot. Reflect about the person that I am and the person that I want to become.

I love you all so much and am so thankful for all that you have always all seen the best in me and have always helped and pushed me to be the best person that I can become!

Have a great week! Los quiero mucho!

Hermana Loo

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