Monday, September 21, 2015

Finding and Teaching

Well, this week has been really slow. It was independence day on Tuesday so this entire week there has been a huge fair here in Xela, and so like all this week there was nobody in the street´s and hardly anyone at home, just mormons and chuchos (dogs), but here are a few things that I thought I would share with you guys.

1. So yesterday, walking home from church to our house to eat lunch, my companion and I, Hermana Feliz were just casually walking up our hill when this bolo (drunk) comes running up behind us. Casually of course, we just start walking really fast, but then this bolo starts sprinting towards us! And Hna Feliz, seeing this, just yells run! So I look back and then start taking off, sprinting up this freaking steep hill running away from this stupid bolo. I was dying, so out of shape, but at the same time laughing so hard jajaja only in Guatemala!

2. Well, because I am in Guatemala, I got attacked by yet another dog this week. Yup! We went to go and contact this reference and her dog comes shooting out of the house barking at us! I had my umbrella and started defending myself with it, and this dumb dog just kept biting it and kept coming back, all while the owner just stared.. stupid dogs!

3. Last night, we were walking back from an appointment with some members that we are helping through some problems that we are having. The hermano was nice enough to walk us home, but as we were walking, we passed these 3 young guys talking on the street, and as we pass them they just yell to the hermano, "las cuida porfa!" or "take care of them please!" jajaja it was pretty funny.

NURSE: so this week was my first full week as the nurse, and of course I had some interesting experiences with some of these missionaries, mostly elderes I might add!

1. I had some elder call me complaing that he was cold.. umm what? well then put a sweatshirt on! jajaja I was like dang, do you really need to call me for that!?

2. i dont know what is happening in this mission, if like some missionaries just dont know how to walk or what, but i got at least 2 calls this week with missionaries calling and hurting there tailbones.... SABER!

3. An elder called me, he had been carrying a huge sack of flour probably like more then 20 pounds. He obviously didnt lift or carry it with his legs, cause as he went to put the sack of flour down his back stayed bent backward... he was walking like he was pregnant and was in a lot of pain! That would be why you lift with your legs! Up and not backward!

4. I am supposed to authroize all medication and doctors visits through Hermana Smtih, but of course some missionary did it without either and was taking medication prescribed by some random doctor ahhhhhh no! You cant do that!

5. And elder also called me telling me that he had a fever of 188ºF, I couldnt help but laugh and tell him that if that was actually his temperature he would be dead. I then told him to take it again, telling him how to do it and he got back to me saying that it was 96.7ºF.. oh elders....

La familia Pascual Perez
So, this if a family that we found a while ago but that we were finally able to sit down with and talk about the gospel! And it was a good lesson, we taugh basically the entire restoration cause the hermano just kept wanting to know more! 

He had a ton of questions and was just really confused, really confused as to why there are so many churches and where he should go with his family! It was perfect!

We were able to answer a lot of his questions, but he would basically answer them for himself and then confuse himself again by something that he would recite from the bible. But it was a good lesson and in the end we told him that the only way to truly know was to pray, and he was really willingly to do it. We have another appointment with him this week and I am excited to go back and keep teaching him and his family.

Walter is someone that I contacted on the street when I was still with Hermana Tolman. Sunday litterally all of our appointments fell through and I thought about him and that we should go by and see him.

When we knocked on his door he was super excited to see us and hear what we had to share. He had been taught by missionaries before near the Mexican border, and like what they shared. We had gone in only planning of getting to know him and giving a brief introduction of the Restoration, but we ended up teaching almost the entire thing! 

He just wanted to know more! And wanted to know about Joseph Smith, which is what he remembered from the other missionaries that taught him. But he easily and quickly accepted the message of the Restoration, and was talking about how it all made sense to him. He understood the role and importance of Jospeh Smith as he himself is really confused as to why there are so many churches teaching the gospel in so many different ways. 

At the end of the lesson we asked him if he had any questions, to which he responded, "when are you coming back to teach me? jajaja it was so cool! We left him a pamphlet of the Restoration and a Book of Mormon and he said that he was going to start reading it as soon as we left! 

He seemed so positive and so I am super excited to continue to teach him this week!

I love you all so much and constantly pray for each and everyone of you! Thank you for all of your love and support!

Los quiero!

Hermana Loo

Preaching in the POURING RAIN!
With my companion, Hermana Feliz and two members, Cristian and Esmeralda. 

Helping some lady clean out the dirt and shovel out the water
that was outside of her house so that it didnt enter.
Guatemala´s drainage system sucks,
actually it doesnt really even exist! all the water just piles up in one place! 

Hermana Feliz!

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